Incredible Modern Construction Machines Technology – Biggest Heavy Equipment Machines Working

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– World Incredible Modern Construction Equipment Machines Technology
– Biggest Heavy Equipment Machines Working

1. TBM Boring Machine Reached at Station
2. Plowing of HDPE pipes along the railway
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3. SANYI EBZ200 Roadheader

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Stan Knight says:

The first clip would have been really awkward if it didn't show up there. lol

Jaskaran parmar says:

Please stop all the threats from all biological family and relatives

Anduril Designs says:

Great machinery, but a bit of click bait, as the machine pictured in your intro was never seen in the video. Also, that first coal miner wasn't wearing a mask or hearing protection. I guess the half an inch of coal dust that had settled on his hand could not possibly have been in his lungs also.

zoso thezephead says:

Too much time on each piece of equipment, especially the second one, which was boring.

Dream Konkurs says:

Всего лишь 2 машины и все ? Две машины Карл????

Narasimha K says:


Lexe X. says:

5:24 imagine you are the idiot who has to clean this machine after a hard working day…

Grin Boldin says:

Дадим стране Угля!!! Мелкого , на до .уя!!!!

정혜숙 says:

🐔한국의 건설기계 중장비 대단히 훌륭한 일을 해내요
한국의 중장비 여러가지 다양해요
미국의 농기구처럼 대형도 있답니다
한국의 현대건설기계 대단하다

Khmer Share168 says:

So amazing video.

Benedikt Zeilinger says:

Fucking Clickbait Shit

Will Swift says:

I have a plan for the coal thing. I know how to make it profitable much more.

최용갑 says:

그래서 밧데리 전기차는 거품이라는 것이다.중장비 건설장비 대형차 쓸모가 없다.

Duong Phùng says:

Với máy xúc 2 tấn. Đào hành lang trong núi đất đồi đất rất nhanh. Sây nhà cho người ít tiền. An ninh bom tuyệt đẹp

Denis says:

Was the Roadheader used in Ottawa lrt tunnel construction?

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