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1. Smart Level Ladder

2. Roof Pitch Hopper (Preview)

3. StudMark

4. Lift Rite Electric Stairclimbers

5. Clepsydra

6. Lamello Tenso P-10

7. Hammer with Collated Nail Dispenser

8. Nemo Power Tools

9. Speedeck Pro

10. Thingamejig Scribing Tool

11. Columbia Drywall Automatic Taper

01:03 – ROOF PITCH HOPPER (preview)
01:46 – STUDMARK
04:09 – LAMELLO TENSO P-10

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Dhi 2667 says:

I wish someone would invent a long reach pole that can squeeze a spray bottle. Example: I will put mint into a spray bottle to spray just under the roof of my second story. Currently I use a ladder. I wish there was a pole that could be extended and hold a spray bottle and squeeze the trigger.

JasonECI says:

Did people who filmed the Lamello tenso P-10 section know what they were doing? It failed in all promotion purposes by misguiding a unique and good product to a biscuit joiner!

Niezatapialny Raczej says:

Thật sự là mình rất thích âm nhạc những năm trước đây hơn là những bài hát hot hit hiện giờ. Kèm theo giọng hát của Đức Phúc thì ôi trời siêu hay luôn

Gülsüm Alan says:


Ruan Newtome says:

“Hey, put down that brain of yours…”

Rusty Shackleford says:

That last one been around for years,, my dad was a drywall finisher for bout 30 years and when I was a kid I remember him using one and I know that was over 20 years.

Michael Loach says:

Great vid. I was using something similar to the stair climber 20 years ago. I think we called it a stair walker but instead of the bar it had a second set of wheels. The Lamello tenso P-10? I use a biscuit joiner! How much to for the plasterboard taping thing? All the best…………

Culbyj says:

I forsee osha getting involved on the NEMO underwater tools. how the hell are ya gonna wear safety glasses underwater like that??!!

James Coulton says:

Hammer time

James Coulton says:

I could do something with that dolly

James Coulton says:

Ruler and complicated plans?! Or a magnet just like whats inside

drywallexpert says:

I have been using a bazooka drywall taper for over 30 years. This is not new tech.

Sage Perisse says:

"Named after Nemo from the animated film"…smh.

Nancy Wee says:

It never fails to amaze me with all the inventions made, that results from lightening and improving from the tedious workload.

IDontModWTFz says:

I've never had an issue with studs, houses here aren't made out of toilet roll tubes and pva glue

sp33dbump33 33 says:

Add the leveller to the ladder and make it wider, so the leveller can be useful.

Charles Pax says:

What knee pads is the roof guy wearing?

djjazzyjeff123 says:

Ok, the SpeedDeck thing is ingenious but having done plenty of decks in my life, it can be extremely tedious and very hard to get the gaps exactly the same down the length of a deck-board.

Gryphox: Tails_155, ShinMajin and Pals says:

7:20 – Apparently discontinued 🙁

Roger Smith says:

$1400 for the taping tool. Outrageous

jeff duncan says:

Yah I can imagine looking for that damn little screw in drywall, for metal studs also known as Z-Studs I guess it would be ok, but to take the time to try and find that small little screw or nail, then it would have to be the height you want or you going to need to find 2 screws and make a line to stay on the stud, not worth it.

And I am not going to really hang a TV on Z-Studs. Some of the older flat screens are way too heavy for the thin metal to hold the weight. Come home one day and find your 1,000.00+ TV laying on the floor smashed up.

Some of the stuff they had here would be nice, but the price is way too much. The stair climber was ok, not all places have an elevator like your home, but 99% of all commercial buildings must have an elevator or someway for disabled people to get to the upper floors. The stand for roofers would be nice, not to sure how much I would trust it, shingles especially old ones tend to break off, and how long does that soft pad last before it no longer holds securely? Most roofers are moving so fast they are NOT going to mess with that thing.

Underwater grinder/cutter is a good ideal but I do not see it lasting long especially in saltwater, I would think the battery connections would get messed up after a while and I am sure it must be rinsed off with fresh water after use to help prevent the salt from eating away at the metals, and the seals will sooner or later fail at the rotating points letting in water, even a little will cause the tool to fail soon after exposure.

The ladder level is a good ideal for a homeowner but do not see that on a commercial job site, I am sure you would be looked at like some type of snowflake quickly, and to be honest it did not look like it was really that well-built.

We never did see the hammer actually work holding the nails, I already have a hammer that will hold a nail for the first hit then continue to drive it in, when you need another the small magnet holds another and go again. Today with battery powered nail guns, I really do not see a use for this tool IF it actually works.

The tape & mud gun, well that is just costly and looks like it would be a pain in the A$$ to use, having to refill it and clean after use, I will stick to the old fashion way.

William B says:

Smart Level Ladder: Werner has been selling an attachment for their ladders that does the same thing for decades. Costs $30 per ladder leg.

Roof Pitch Hopper: When I did roofing back in the 90's, we cut the legs off an old pair of jeans, stuffed it with foam or whatever and then taped them to our legs. Some used old pillows or couch cushions. No slipping. Basically free.

Stud Mark: I've been using a magnet to find drywall fasteners under seem mud (Tells you where the drywall was screwed in to a stud) for thirty years.

LiftRight: …Or get a dude to do it with a normal dolly.

Clepsydra: … or go to harbor freight, buy a normal $4 wire wheel then use a length of rebar to bend the wire out.

Lamello Tenso P-10: Oh great… another proprietary biscuit / Tenon / Dowell joiner. Just what the world needed.

Hammer with Collated Nail Dispenser: Anyone who needs this probably already has a nail gun… which can reach tight corners and adjust how deep the mail goes in to the material.

Nemo Power Tools: Okay yeah… those are pretty cool!

Speedeck Pro: So I should toss away my collection of 2x4s with 8D nails driven through them at 3, 4 and 6 inch spacing and spend $40 each to replace them with these? Nope.

Thingamejig Scribing Tool: So its a fancy scribe. I'll stick with my $4 one I bought 20 years ago from a thrift store, thanks.

Columbia Drywall Automatic Taper: I've seen guys with these and they do make quick work of taping. Problem is they don't load the gap between drywall sheets, which can lead to cracking… so you still have to do that before you use this $1,400 gadget. They are also a pain to reload and clean.

Lee R says:

No link to click for roof ad.

Spyrox says:

All these tools would theoretically make someones job easier, however if companies finished their work 50% faster, they'd get paid less. Why else do you think it takes road crews literally months or years to complete a project that could take a week max.

i like how most of these products on this channel are really good ideas but literally no one in a professional sense ever uses them. It's like they are just doing demos and not actually selling anything to anyone. Like it legit makes these things look like expensive overpriced scams.
And I think it's because there is already products out there that literally do the same thing but better. Like with the stairclimber thing? I get no 'liftrite electric stairclimber' in my searchings, it's just other companies that have the same idea things that seem to do it even better and with more weight…

the Speeddeck pro looks like it'd be a very cool thing to use, but again, literally no professional floor places use it.
$85 for a scribing tool? Literally scam.
Drywall automatic taper? Literally a scam. You don't need a massive expensive tool to literally put some filling/caulk/tape/whatever on a wall. Like, actually wtf are people thinking.

Paolo Moscone says:

350$ for a ladder?!!!!

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