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GT Special ►

1) Hobby Seader (Preview)

2) Stihl GTA 26 (Preview)

3) Geismark Shark

4) Go Hang It

5) Genetta

6) Fernco Unicon

7) Telenco ISO T001



10) SikaBond® Dispenser-3600 Power—qs

11) GreenTec HL150 (Preview)

12) Radlice VARES (Preview)

13) Hi-Lift Jack (Preview)

00:00 – Go Hang It
01:06 – XSTO
02:05 – Genetta
02:52 – Fernco Unicon
03:48 – Stihl GTA 26
04:49 – Geismar Shark
05:41 – Telenco ISO T001
06:24 – PREXISO PAX-30C
07:16 – SikaBond® Dispenser-3600 Power
08:05 – GreenTec HL150
08:53 – Radlice VARES
09:44 – Hi-Lift Jack
10:32 – Hobby Seeder

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Thomas Bauer says:

I've never seen that put tile wood floor down over a carpet

Lilian Anita says:

A $43,000 profit sent to my portfolio each week, Mrs. Angela cole carr is amazing.

Mike Smith says:

GREAT! that you also include the prices! That's fantastic – I'm sub'd!

dajam9035 says:

Wow I was interested in the dollie until you said 2000+ dollars….i'm good with my regular dollie then.

ASMR relaxation TV says:

Great Content. Thank you for sharing. have a nice day!❤👍

DgulsSmith says:

The channel is a drug, once you get into a video there is no going back

Altanika says:

So much random stuff we gotta deal with

Jesse Case says:

Snow plows have been a fairly standard and common attachment for lawn and garden tractors ever since they were invented. They definitely aren't a new, high tech, sophisticated, or fancy tool! They are just a plain old snow plow that has been around forever and offered by every company that makes or sales any form of riding mower. Not sure why they were included in the video?

Colton R. Magby says:

The Genetta can help with installing, using, and removing hang-on style tree stands. Who needs a separate climbing system when they have that system?

Zing_Bot2033 says:

I thought it was a tv mount lol

Serenity of Zen says:

I'm done sitting tight for the award advance since i acquire$23,000 every 12 days of my investment…

Armani khan says:

💕🥰🥰 wow 🥰🥰💕

Billion Dollar Tech says:

Can't believe the debate of tomatoes was debated in court in 1893- wow!

Jesus is Alive! says:

Quiz…….how many of you have seen a highlift jack handle whack someone in the jaw because it slipped?

Swiftie Paulie says:

Hannibal used it

Gilbert Rukundo says:

Hanging a Salvator Mundi with 37$ gadget? Interesting!!!

R K says:

Watched all of it

Bill Bauer says:

Not even one interesting invention here…

Dave Baker says:

I had an electric stair climbing hand truck over 40 years ago, and it wasn't ridiculously overpriced, it cost me only about 180 dollars not 2500$, anyone that would pay 2 thousand plus dollars is an idiot or has way more money than brains,

INFOCUS Media says:

That yellow jack is a very old design it is called a wallaby jack in Australia

Brendan M says:

Why would you attach a plow to a snow thrower? Unless your snow thrower is electric, it can handle even wet snow, something that plow will fail at

Brett Barager says:

Using nails in drywall is stupid. Clearly whoever organized that vid has never hung a picture! Use anchors and screws!

Gundam Phantom says:

GTA 26 …about $343?! It is more like $179.99 for the kit.

Remnant Disciple Lazzaro - Revelation 12:17 says:

A few neat inventions not creations. "Only God creates, the rest of us just copy." ~ Michelangelo. Only living creatures are autonomous.

Mr PumperKnuckles says:

4:13 “looks like it’s made for construction work instead of gardening” yeah, no… it looks like it was made from cheap plastic that scratches and breaks down after 3 uses… the tool is a gimik more than anything. Germany claims all there stuff is next gen quality but reality is that this tool existed since the 70s dewalt made these types of hand tools years ago and never could get the batteries to last longer than 30 minutes.

Rude Valve says:

Certified Gold!!!![

Alvin Todd says:

You need to show url's so we can check it out on our own.


"autonomous batteries?"

Bling says:

Every tool was cool

BiffBuffchest says:

so never mind trying to find the stud for hanging pictures?

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