Innovative Mechanical Machinery I've Never Seen, Extremely Operating Factory Operation, Workers Work

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Innovative Mechanical Machinery I’ve Never Seen, Extremely Operating Factory Operation, Workers Work
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Pisces by Otis Galloway

Memories by Sascha Ende

Majestic Earth by Claus Appel

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Mrs.Oliva says:

0:50 creepy wife's booty tattoo.

დიმა იზორია says:


Mohammed Al-Amin says:


Mohammed Al-Amin says:


Сергей К says:

Пиздец до чего мир довели

Mechanical Engineering Practices says:

Well done engineer bhai

ddd228/Dave in Seattle. says:

I need to hear the machines, not music. Stay in school, don't be on assembly line.

whitenewbalanceenergy says:

As an American I'm glad I get to watch this so I can learn how to be a more efficient worker for my Chinese overlords.

Vladimir Blagin says:

Сколько же ещё в мире тяжёлого ручного труда.

Kelly Meacham says:

Now I know how card board circles are made.

eWorkshows says:

Amazing idea

bryan hamilton says:

Cool im surprised they alowed to show this

Winkeldorf says:

I’m wondering how the video has 13 million views but only 15k likes and ~200 comments. It must auto play while people are doing work or sleeping.

João Carlos says:

Dobrar elo de corrente com segurança zero.

Peter Lustiger says:

Collection of old machines with no working safety, for my it is like a horrormovie.

Iron creative ideas says:


Shahbaz Akhtar says:

Setting and calculation of EDM

foster gumble says:

Lenae quien saca el oro, no za dw clmwr, qie fjncion xumple, perejiles wue oasamos y pasarln ñoe tiq maos son otra cosa lls positov os nonjaven cueffa esoacial

Jaume says:

At 0:24 there is a good man machine.

sang yong Han says:

Hello, let me know the company that made this machine.

James Guy Photography says:

When the job you do 40 hours a week for 40 years is interesting for 10 seconds…

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