Install your own AIR CONDITIONING in 4 HOURS! DIY Mini Split MR COOL

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I installed CENTRAL AIR CONDITIONING in 4 HOURS using an EASY DIY package by Mr Cool called a mini-split system. QUIET, CHEAP to run & EASY to do yourself. STAY COOL in the summer and Warm in the winter with this dual 24,000 BTU system. Remote control & App support!

Mr Cool System:
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Silver Cymbal says:

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Gary Lujan says:

Didn’t even pull a vacuum on it

Joe Momma says:

I would just pay to get it installed. That’s too much work

GlockMan945 says:

Why did you not center it between the windows?

T -DUB says:

4 hours later u got new sidings also

100 years ago says:

I've never seen this ac system where I'm from rural Arkansas.

Corey Pacillo says:

Do they not seal up the concrete hole from the outside to prevent water and insects from entering?

kendall Evans says:

Like a cooking show where all the ingredience are chopped and ready! It's NOT that easy!

Ruben Martinez says:

Why not center the unit between the windows that being off center would drive me nuts

Matt Y says:

If your going for a split unit I’d recommend Toshiba. Way cheaper than Daikin and Mitsubishi split units and way more reliable. Not sure what these Mr Cool units are like, but I’ll hazard a guess their not manufactured in America?. Installing a split system is doable in 4 hours if your a experienced air con install engineer, but if your a complete novice it’ll take you way longer than 4 hours. Plus these pre charged systems are known for refrigerate leaks. Any split system should be pressure tested too 2.5 the times of the working pressure with OFN (oxygen free nitrogen)then vacuumed out too 2.5 torr with a torr gauge, then charged via the condenser unit that is pre charged..

wally lic says:

Make Look so easy…. Is like when you marry the wrong person. Never know what you getting into 😂😂😂😂

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