Installers react to Skill builders video on heat pumps (part 1)| FIRST TIME WATCHING!

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We received a few messages from subscribers asking us to respond to a video on heat pumps from a channel called skill builder (linked below). I didn’t watch it as I wanted to record my reaction.. and here it is!
Here’s a link to part 2 where it gets a little more heated!

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Skill builders second vid – Heat Pump Conspiracy! Who’s Telling the Truth?

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Heat Geek says:

Make sure you watch part 2!! It gets a bit more heated!

erik v says:

A constant in these UK-based videos seems to be the acceptance of bad performance of the older houses. UK houses are not significantly older then those in other EU countries, and there is no technical reason why they should perform worse. Renovating them to contemporary standards requires a bit of skill and smart thinking, but if done during an already planned renovation it's not even a very large cost. We renovated our own house (1924) in 2011 the cost of the insulation and membranes and so on was around 6-7% of the total budget. For 200m² of living space the house now has a heat loss of around 3kW (-10°C outside, 20°C inside). It's not difficult, it's not impossible, and regardless of the heating system chosen, it is the most future proof investment you can make. And once you have done that, a heatpump is the most logical choice and it is going to be a hell of a lot cheaper because a smaller model will suffice :-).

edward wigmore says:

An interesting critique. And let it be known that the grant is only there to create demand. Once the demand gains traction then that grant will disappear. I still wouldn't buy one. It goes into the box marked 'government con' together with evs

Neil Haywood says:

What is a NORMAL house?

grassabrutta says:

Nice segway … it's not the technology … it's the installer … right.
"In the situation where it works ….. let's just install it .." …right, and the customer takes the punt, again.
"Like a conspiracy …" … yes, he is repeating verbally and visually exactly what you had just proposed about the gas/electricity price balancing.
And, unfortunately, the best solution is one that's available to fewer people bc it requires space – gasifying furnaces. If you really understand energy, then you will know this is the right solution, but it requires space both to install and to store the biomass.
The customer with the distant trees …. I think that's a hypothetical lads.
Anyway … you guys are funny pseudo-energy-professionals … and I think it would be great for you to prove Roger wrong by posting a response video citing your own great heat pump results.

Lee Baines says:

Roger was reacting with this video to the news gas boilers were being scrapped by 2030 I think it was. He'd probably agree with a lot of what these guys are saying, they agree that heat pumps are not the answer to heating all of Britain's homes. It seems heat pumps suit the larger houses for the better off type of client which is why its objectable to supplement installations with grants which the rest of us have to pay for on the green levy. The country needs cheaper fuel because heat is a necessity not a luxury.

Jimmy C says:

We have milder winters, not harsher 😂. Climate change is warming not cooling

ken pen says:

In our case I am grateful the system is the way it is, because we chose our ASHP and then asked a local installer to order and install the monobloc system into our existing heating system. It was the only way we could afford to do this, and get the grant. The LG Therma V 9kw monobloc was what we had researched heavily over and we paid £7k for it, our installer charged £2k for fitting. Our RHI will cover the cost of the ASHP (which by the way is a very expensive fridge freeze, cannot help think the Industry is milking it, just like the EV Industry) and that some of the installers are going to be just to make money, and then fold after 5 years or so. There is no come back in this scenario, and people get burnt and so this leads to legal chasing games like PPI that was mentioned in the challenge video if they can find the installer. By the way we are happy with our ASHP and have adjusted the flow rate down from 45c to 37c which made a big difference to the daily running costs. We have also found a way of spreading our 5p pkh rate to last all day long to run our Heating. Our hot water is managed by a 9kWh Sunamp, smaller and much more efficient than a tank!

Radley G says:

Insulating flats or homes with small gardens built in the 1860’s to accommodate cost effective heat pump technology, what’s the answer?

Ladynipchick2 says:

This is about air heat pumps, right? As opposed to ground heat pumps? Thanks.

TheComputec says:

Heat pumps as a concept may be useful for some people in some types of houses in some parts of the country. No point having a go at somebody pointing out the downsides. What should be happening is the general building industry and heating installers calling for the current government to stop fanfaring heat pumps as a universal switch out replacement for gas central heating

The government, in an attempt to push for greenhouse gas reduction, is trying to do for home heating what it is trying to do clearing the roads of diesel powered cars in favour of Electric vehicles. Sadly they cannot just wave a magic wand and make it so. Around the time of COP26, every minister and government spokesman was just saying HEAT PUMPS, HEAT PUMPS, HEAT PUMPS

Andreea Nastase says:

In my home country of Romania, many people I know claim they are cold at 21C indoors. I have friends and family whose thermostats are set to 24C, in well insulated homes that don’t lose that much heat (mostly the old commie blocks that trap everything in). I would boil at that temperature personally, and have long moved away, so don’t have to worry about it. But I know others experienced the psychological torture of little to no heat and electricity during Ceausescu. To tell someone they can’t have a toasty apartment would be unimaginable.

Gavin Francis says:

That guy you don't know , has 3x the experience you do. Your comments make you both look a little silly.

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