Installing a 3 ZONE Ductless HVAC System

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We’re back at the 3 zone ductless install and it’s time to finish up this project. With the help of all the quality products by DiversiTech, this job turned out real nice in my opinion. Just like having the right tools, having the right materials is crucial for a quality ductless installation.

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Ace B says:

Sweet looking Install!

Jarrett Zmolik says:

Nice work! We always cut out the flares on wall mounts to ensure no leaks and also mighty brackets help a bunch with wall mount installation. It also helps if the copper lines have about 6 inches of play left to right behind wall for ease of install I learned the hard way myself it’s not fun. Your videos help me out so much thanks

AC mell says:

I believe this guy! Subscribe from Philippines 🇵🇭

Adquisiciones Clima9 says:

Hello Zack!!! First of all, greet you and congratulate you for the valuable channel you have on YT and thank you for all the information and advice you give us in each video. I would like to ask you, since I think it could be valuable for many of us outside the U.S., like me who is seeing you from Chile, to know what the pricing policy is for professional HVAC technical services in Tennessee, from a simple service like changing a condenser or replace a thermostat, to other more complex ones such as the installation of equipment such as mini Split. This with the idea of ​​making a parallelism or comparison between the U.S. and the rest of the countries in the HVAC business and that we give the proper and fair value to our work that we do with professionalism and care. In my personal opinion, it would be very valuable to see a video of you talking about the rates for HVAC services in the U.S. Thank you very much and may God bless you and your whole family.


Morelli Plumbing & Heating says:

Great video… looks like the plumber went a little crazy with the primer LOL.

AmericanBully says:

Show use new truck inside

AmericanBully says:

Thanks 🙏

scott adams says:

I got my tradegrind hoodie today feels great. The words resonate with me friend. It's really a grind out here. Keep it up. Much success.

Paul De Souza says:

Great and a neat job! not a big fan of the ac brand you used there, otherwise, all good.

Ricardo Dominguez says:

Great quality

OTAlucard says:

Wow you can get nitrogen in the aluminum tank ?

Tristen Chavez says:

Another awesome install. Great work!

Keno Sosa says:

Way too easy bro! Make another video ASAP

L V says:

Thank you Sir !!! Would y please share your professional opinion on 'Press connectors' you used . Is it reliable to be used on heat pump working 400–450 psig. Thank you so much .

Brian Patrick says:

What brand of ductless equipment is that on this install?

Sebastian Ugarte says:

11:25 but I’m here specifically to watch the struggle!! Lol I like to see how other techs go about different common struggles we all come across

Neil Thompson says:

Wow really!

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