Introducing Everlast's PowerPlasma 62i Plasma Cutter – Kevin Caron

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From – Artist Kevin Caron shows – and uses – the latest plasma cutter from Everlast, giving great plasma cutting tips along the way ….

Everlast just sent Kevin Caron a new plasma cutter to play with, the PowerPlasma 62i, and it has some cool new features. It comes standard with a nice IPT60 torch with a handy trigger guard to keep you from inadvertently lighting the torch.

The plasma cutter’s cap also is the right size for what Kevin Caron calls his “training wheels,” which let him roll along on the metal to get a nice smooth cut.

On the control panel, the machine has a selector for auto restart, tip saver and gouging modes. Gouging is one of the cool new features on this machine. To the left is a lock for the control panel so you can get your settings just the way you want them and then lock them into place.

This plasma cutter also has a CNC selector, which is another new feature. Kevin Caron shows the amperage display, cutting pressure display, air pressure display and post-flow adjustment.

When you fire up the machine you see the 60 amp display – this plasma cutter’s maximum amperage. Kevin Caron then starts adjusting the cutting pressure. The pressure regulator itself is on the back of the machine. By watching the display while adjusting the knob, when you get the pressure where you want it, you just push down on the knob to lock it into place.

Another cool function with this pressure display is that it doesn’t matter where you set your amperage, you can play with the air pressure. By watching the colored dots across the top, the machine tells you when the pressure is too high or too low, helping you dial in your air pressure. You don’t want to damage the machine.

And of course, the air pressure you’re going to run is directly related to not only the amperage, but also the size of the hole in the end of the nozzle you’re using. If the hole is smaller, you get lower pressure. If the hole is larger, the higher pressure gives you a better cut depending on what kind of amps you’re running and what kind of thickness you’re cutting. There’s a whole, long list of things to keep in your brain while you’re using a plasma cutter.

Kevin Caron is ready to make some sparks!

He’s put on his safety gear and has a piece of 1/2″ cold rolled steel plate in front of him. He puts on his safety glasses and, after setting the plasma cutter to 60 amps, easily cuts the 1/2″ steel.

Kevin Caron shows the cut, pointing out that he was probably moving a little too slowly because of the dross still hanging off the metal. But boy, the machine didn’t quibble about 1/2″ plate at all.

So that’s the Everlast PowerPlasma 62i. In this free how-to video Kevin Caron has been using the Everlast PowerPlasma 62i CNC package, and there’s another version without CNC. The 62i plasma cutter without the CNC package is regularly $1,200 but is on sale right now [02-2020] for $1,100 on the Website. The CNC version of this machine is regularly $1,500 but right now is on sale for $1,350 [02-2020] .

Of course, this plasma cutter has IGBT inverter technology, which means there’re fewer parts to wear out. That makes machine lighter and makes costs go down on.

It has a big cooling fan, too, to help keep it cool – That’s where that 60% max output duty cycle comes from!

So all in all, Kevin Caron says it’s a pretty darn good machine, especially for the price.

He thanks you for watching and asks you to hit that notification bell so you’re in the know when anything new pops up.

Kevin Caron is ready to go back to work, making this the perfect time for you to visit to see his amazing sculpture.

Unless you want to stick around to hear him practice the alphabet ….

“Inspired sculpture for public & private places.”

Artist Kevin Caron has been sculpting full time since 2006. See – and hear – his amazing metal and large format 3D-printed sculptures, which are found in public and private places coast-to-coast and online at

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drumtwo4seven says:

The bottom left "LOCK" is a 2T 4T function not a lock for the plasma cutter settings.

Lock is 4T unlock is 2T. Its in the downloadable user manual.

jayson brown says:

Great review, looks like a excellent machine.

gary mathews says:

best time to buy a Everlast welder/plasma cutter is from Thanksgiving to New years eve

Nephtali Lucero says:

Where can i get those training wheels and whats the real name of it to find online. Much thanks

Charles Struble says:

They knew who to have do the review! Little outa my price range but very cool! Thanks guys.

Philip Shaffer says:

Could you at some point do a video showing off the gouging features of the plasma cutter? As always, the work you put into these videos is very much appreciated.

ibrahim alalaty says:

I enjoyed watching this video thanks kevin

Sylvan Energy Solutions says:

Those people sure like you my friend, so jelly!

Scott Roberts says:

What ever happened with the MTS 275 Machine. Would like to see some more reviews on that. I just bought the 62i. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks,

gac107 says:

How does Everlast compare to Hypertherm in general? I am going to buy a plasma soon and want to make the right choice… Looking at the Powermax 65.

Blast357 says:

I have a 80A everlast plasma… the old style… the only thing I would like is a new torch that can drag. like hypertherm.

Aint1S says:

I really like that company… They have honest tech support and they are quick to replace a unit.
I'm no paid shill, I paid for my 255ext and I really want that plasma cutter! Sadly, I need another compressor to step away from the cutting torch for good. I do a lot of aluminum when I'm welding, so it's usually cutting wheel grenades I'm dealing with!

Gib Clark says:


DFWKen says:

Wish I need one of those more than once or twice a year. I'd have one for sure. Love your reviews.

dmadere1 says:

😕 All I have is the old Everlast 60 amp

S Art says:

Nice description! You have a great way of explaining things.

Ben Miller says:

I'll go ahead n take that plasma cutter off your hands when you're tired of it lol. Hey tell everlast they can't sell the 252 sti n the 275 lightning at the same price lol

Kojo Mensah says:

The eye balls are not what they use to be so what is the best welding shield to put a magnifying glass with??

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