Introduction to Air-conditioning

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Lecture Series on Refrigeration & Air-conditioning by Prof. Ravi Kumar, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India


Aradhya Pandey says:

Sir m^2 /10.764 = ft^2.. I think you have mistakenly written wrong expression. Please make it clear 🙏

Adarsh Dubey says:

Thank u sir


Sir thank you for the amazing and effective video lectures. My question was why are refrigerators (fridge) defined in litres capacity Nd ac's in tonnes ?

Vishwas Singh says:

Sir kindly check that EER is equal to 3.413 COP and not 0.293 COP

Guddu Kumar says:

Thank you sir

Rahul Mishra says:

Dear sir, pause the video at 8:25 and kindly review the blunder. Ft^2/10.764 = m^2. Which means ft is a bigger unit than meter. Kindly correct it. 🙏

Tanweer Ahmed says:

I have channel about HVAC / MEP and suggested all to subscribe my channel. Thanks

Tanweer Ahmed says:

Informative video

Vasu Srivastava says:

Sir eer=0.293×cop hona chahye

Fuzail Khan says:

Not giving the deepest knowledge that i expect from a nptel videos

Aman says:

Superb sir and thanks for eradicating so many confusion

Pk & Npk says:

Hindi nhi aati kya

Harshit Singh says:

Sir I think heat pump work on the same cycle as that of refrigerator (not reversed). Its only the desired effects which gets changed.

Salman Shahid says:


Subhranil Jalui says:

Can 0.5 ton rotary compressor replace with hermetic (HBP)compressor on windows ac?

Abhay Dwivedi says:

Awesome explanation👍👍👍

Rajesh Menda says:

what is saturation

clearconcept says:


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