Introduction to Hand Tools used in Plumbing

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This video is an introduction to common hand tools used in the plumbing industry. As you begin your career in the plumbing trade you should familiarize yourself with each plumbing tool.


luis lazcano says:

Muy lejos la camara no se aprecian las herramientas

Peter Evans says:

Great video, very interesting to see what you guys across the pond use…By the sounds of things you guys don't do much copper work? I would suggest anybody starting plumbing and who might be working on copper a lot, should also invest in a couple of different sized adjustable wrenches to go with the channel locks…Additionally, everybody needs a good head lamp and a small free standing work light… What ever tools you buy, if you work around others, find a way to mark them, as otherwise they will walk, either accidentally, or deliberately…

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