Introduction to Hand Tools: Wrenches

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Welcome to our “Introduction To Hand Tools” series where we share some helpful tips on how to use some of the most basic hand tools and how to stay safe when utilizing them on a job or project. In this video, we will be going over the top 5 most common wrenches: the ratchet, adjustable, socket, clamp/vise, and tube/pipe wrench. Enjoy!
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Cesar Bonilla says:

This was so useful and the speaker is the only reason I’m going to look more at this channel

TutorialCity says:

tricks is good

Automoney says:

Thank you for sharing this tricks

SL GANG says:

wow that's fantastic tool hacks 🤟🤟🤟

Kasun Dhananjaya Nanayakkara says:

Learned a lot. Thank you!

Mark Twain .·. says:


Fernando ferreira da silva says:

I'm from Brazil and I learning speak english, and I have a doubt: clamp wrench, also it's called locking pliers?

Sean Matias says:

Great video

Agboola Johnson .S. says:

I love this . Thank you Mr.😊 💓



DawidDestroyer69 says:

Very useful video

Bernie Sahadi says:

Good video, the speaker needs to do more of them along these lines. He is a good presenter and well understood as he explains the details.

fakhrizza arrifi says:

great video for my students

PartTimeApathet says:

just brushing up before my mechatronics interview, thank you very much

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