Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Introduction to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
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Lecture By: Er. Himanshu Vasishta, Tutorials Point India Private Limited.


kenneth kim says:

This is very helpful watching in Nairobi Kenya

The NerdCap says:

Sir ka name kya hai

Shakeel Ahmed Khan says:

Thank you Sir

dorcas kwamboka says:

Thanks sir your tutorial is really helpful

mettlus says:

Very nice but why only Freon is chosen as refrigerant?

Vishnu Nair says:

Sir… I love you sir❤️….

Rathod Omkar says:

Very nice video

Hermes Dedumo says:

sir, there must be an exact word to described the pressure after leaving evaporator since its temperature as you said becomes warm. Pressure also must be increase because they are directly proportional with the temperature, not just low pressure.

Sulochana says:

Nice explanation

Meenatchi Sundaram says:

Thank God 🔥🙏

Guémba Hervé MEREKAN says:

Liked this one

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