Introductory Metal Shaping Class 101

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Taking a flat piece of metal and shaping it to a buck section. This class will demonstrate the usefulness of knowing how to shape metal using old school techniques on fabricating repair panels.


Horace Rumpole says:

So, are you calling it a lead shot bag, or a lead shop bag?

Thomas King says:


Codys_fab says:

You sir, have an excellent way of conveying the important information! Might I add, without all the "uh" and stumbles you see on common YouTube videos. Truly a professional! Thank you!

jasinarok vid says:

That English Wheel is a thing of beauty.

antonio silva says:

You are the best !!!!

Steve Nielsen says:

Very well done video Kevin, and explained perfectly! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Andy says:

Fantastic master craftsmanship. Great to watch, thanks for sharing. 👌👌👌

jared hutson says:

Hello! As an apprentice in metal shaping, i’ve come across a nice trick when using tin snips: as you release tension on the snips after a cut, push the snips forward along the cut line (you should feel some vibration). this completely prevents burs from occurring.

Cholula Hot Sauce says:

What a tremendously satisfying process.

berk çayırlı says:

As a young person who understands the value and importance of craftsmanship it deeply suffers me that we are ignoring and loosing these precious information as we lost many masters over time. I appreciate and thank you for sharing your experiences and techniques with us!

Blu Go says:

Gracias a todos estos grandes maestros por compartir su conocimiento.
Felicitaciones !!!!!!
Saludos desde Colombia.

Noah Beaty says:

wow worked @ AC in the UK thats who built the cobra coachwork

Peter Tommasini says:

Excelent video Kevin , well explained . Keep up the good work . I noticed that you have used the ''handbuilt'' English wheel at Oblong a while back , what did you think of it ?

Jaroslav B. Kořínek says:

Thank you so much, this will help me immensely with making armor

Zak Shah says:

This really is an artistic craft. You really seem to check and recheck your work to make sure it's following the path you want it to, but you also have to have a vision for what you want and know that it's not gonna start off perfect, but gradually arrives there. Absolute masterpiece of a video, this was just what I needed to see!

Эталон А079 says:

Спасибо вам! буду следовать вашему примеру.
Увидимся еще!

Farabi Hussain says:

Where do you do your classes?

Rv4 Guy says:

Do you prefer lower anvils with flats or full radiused anvils?

Andrew Dace says:

You are a true master craftsman great video and well presented

Multirole 240 says:

Hi from the old UK, I have just come across your really excellent video. I would just like to thank you for sharing your expert knowledge and in such detail. I must say that I found it so really enlightening and useful particularly as I'm rebuilding an old 1956 Austin A30 so have now subscribed. I have a wheeling machine (self built but with professional wheels, the frame is properly over engineered but very stiff) but I do have some problems with wheeling, can I ask what width of tracking do you employ and is there a rule of thumb when it comes to setting wheel pressure.

Steve Larsen says:

Very well done video. Very well explained. Thank you very much for sharing.

j clark says:

Fantastic work, thanks for sharing.

Mike Clarahan says:

Good stuff, Kevin!

Niall Power says:

I did enjoy that, thank you very informative.

SecretSauceGarage says:

Awesome video👍👍Definitely going to look into a class in the future 😎

Melissa McKnight says:

On my wifes phone, I subbed, and will when I get on mine, so a 2 for one! Great job, these are the videos I love!

Joel L says:

Cool….. old school 👍👍😎👍👍

Race Krasser says:

Crazy how much pressure that wheel has. you can see that big C frame bending haha.

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