Is a 40W CO2 Laser Cutter Worth? OM Tech K40 Review

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One of if not THE most popular budget CO2 lasers is the K40. The combination of price (under $500) and power (40W CO2) make this an attractive option to anyone’s shop. But it has always come at a cost. Over the years people have had issues with quality with these Chinese imports but this week we take a look at a new US supplier OM Tech. Let’s check out their unit and see if its a good fit for you!

Check out the full review here –

OM Tech sent me this unit for review but all opinions are my own.

40W CO2 Laser –
50W CO2 Laser –

00:00 – Intro
01:23 – Features
04:13 – Tests
10:58 – Pros
12:08 – Cons
15:25 – Who is this for?


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Mesharyhd says:

Does it support 220v – 240v or only 110v

GOLDEN EAGLE Alexander says:

Will this engrave design s on billiards pool balls

E Van says:

If it can help me make parts for my 3D printed guns it's worth it.

Alma Vega says:

I purchased Light Burn how do I upgrade the board?

Leonard Rada says:

How tick can cut through wood and acrilyc?thanks

Mark Gopie says:

Can I use this user to cut 1/4 " or 3/8" clear acrylic? Additionally, is there any spec difference between this blue and black model and the red and white model? I can't seem to find any but the red is listed cheaper everywhere.

Ana says:

Complete newbie to laser cutters- is it possible to upload images and have the laser cut around the outlines of the images on felt? If this cutter isn’t able to do that, what would be a better option? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks so much!

Mumtaz Ahmed says:

Hi … Iv been watching ur videos… Thanku… I would really like to etch acrylic… is this machine suitable?

Mr Tobbo says:

We have a 2k ££ limit what machine would you recommend?

MissDragonfly800 says:

I’m looking for an engraving machine that would engrave stainless steel. What would you recommend?

Pierre zilla says:

Do you recommend it for cutting polyester twill fabric ?

Beto Beto says:

Great vedio! Thanks! Question, looking for a good quailty laser, a little on the higher end but trying to stay under $5k. What would you rocommend?

Kumar Desai says:

Do I need a PC to run this machine? I use a Mac.

Ciprian Sofineti says:

Whats the beam tickness please?

Robert Densmore says:

Can I cut a 2×4. I would like to make toys to send to kids

Robert Densmore says:

I just bought 1 of these. Thanks for sharing this

Linda Bryant says:

I'm curious to know if I'm using this 2-3 hours a day, how much will my electric bill go up? Also, can you engrave and cut in the same pass, or do you have to set it to engrave and then reset it to cut in a separate pass?

Jabbar Hajiyev says:

hello. should I choose this machine or neje 2s max? what do you recommend?

abelina Gonzales says:

Does it cut cardboard?

Ryan Kawash says:

Does this have capabilities of engraving glass/round glass cups? Does it have an option to attach a rotary piece?

Darren Malin says:

yes , defiantly worth it. I am a war gamer. MDF terrain is expansive. using my stock K40 I have already made more than a tables worth of MDF terrian which would have cost me way more than the K40 did. love the thing 🙂

Dylan Cronkhite says:

Hey – dumb question by a nooby, would this be good for toner on ABS, PLA, or PETG?

steve kafka says:

will this do rubber stamps for custom ink stamps for crafting?

Panda Handmade Leather says:

I‘m Chinese, I bought a used 40W machine. the laser tube was broken, but it only cost $50. I bought a new laser tube, it cost less than $120 for all of this.hahahahhahahahha , I'm so happy about the result.

Radio Waves says:

How thick is "super super super thin wood"?
How fast is "super super super fast"?

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