Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling Worth the Cost? Heat Pumps Explained

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Is Geothermal Heating and Cooling Worth the Cost? Heat pumps Explained. Go to to sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. When building a house, homeowners have several ways to power their heating and cooling systems, like oil, natural gas, or electricity. But there’s another option right below our feet. You can install geothermal heating and cooling in your home, but is it worth the cost? And how does it hold up?

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Undecided with Matt Ferrell says:

Do you want a geothermal heating/cooling setup for your home? I know I do. And to learn more about geothermal energy, check out my other video on the topic:

Ronald Broehm says:

I have had a closed loop system now for 12 years, works great but take note, if your house is not built for this system it will NOT work well

1davidbaugher says:

I've have a geothermal for 22 years now still going strong and a great eclectic bill still

Bill says:

I wish he wouldn't ever show his face. These videos would be a lot better.

Les Francis says:

What is the heat pump running on?

Bill Manzke says:

We installed a vertical GHP system 2 years ago in our new house in Delaware. We love it! We also now have a fossil fuel free home!

Gunther Mampaey says:

I live in an area where there are a lot of small apartments, without free space, like a yard. So for us this pretty much impossible, also sun panels are not allowed, because they would only serve one household, which is discrimination. The only thing we did was placing three layering glass for our windows/ doors. So this is only for the happy few who has a house, with a big place in their backyard. Those peeps, are the more rich people, who can pay for this kind of systems, while we can't do anything, besides isolate. I wish scientists would find solutions for us as well.

Catthulhu 666 420 says:

With the pond one would it be good in a pond with fish in it keeping it warm enough in the winter to not freeze over but also keeping the house warm and vice versa during the summer 🤔 assuming it's like the first one and doesn't contaminate the body of water its submerged in

travis moore says:

Maybe a closed loop in a 30 foot deep well would work.

Four Cents says:

watching this made me realize how different the US is. In Germany we would just use floor heating that would become floor cooling in summer, much more efficient than heating/cooling air for an AC

Eric Schafer says:

We live in northern Colorado and moved from in-town to a farm with electric base board heating and mini-splits. I'm using your content as part of my homework to best understand how to heat and cool a 2000 sq ft house.
Fantastic information, plus excellent production as well. Thank you for putting your time and efforts into these topics. I subscribed too!

James Ball says:

In the UK many new houses now have air source heat pumps. What are the differences between GSHP and ASHP apart from the obvious? Thanks

chuck d says:

Bro your maths are shit. For a new 1500 sq.ft. home the price for labor and materials on a high efficiency furnace with a/c is around 13k, including ductwork. (Higher in metro areas, i live in the country) It costs about 5k just for excavating and filling the holes, another 15k on equipment and 10-15k on labor. This 30k you mention as being on the high side is probably on the low end and you will for sure spend over 30k on a retrofit. So even if it saved me 1k per year its still going to take a minimum of 15+ years to get my money back, without even figuring in the extra money paid in interest on the loan. (If i had a loan on my new house)

Wayne Naude says:

Ive been skimming the video with sound off. Just curious, can geothermal setups be used anywhere in the world? ive always thought of them having to be used in areas where the ground is relatively warm due to some or other underground natural activity.

Bryan Clay says:

2 years ago, I was in the market for a new HVAC unit. I could only find one company in my area that claimed to install ground source systems and they quoted me $55k. If I had been quoted even the upper bound in this video of $30k, I would have done it. If more companies did it for a reasonable price, more people would get it.

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