Is GERMAN Engineering Superior? Monster CNC Machine Shop Tour | HAIMER

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CNC Machine Shop Tour. Titan Gilroy takes you on a VIP Tour through The HAIMER Manufacturing Plant in Germany. Epic Innovation, 170 CNC Machines and a Workforce that is Highly Skilled…

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Niels_D says:

Titan, I really love your enthusiasm! These factory tours are great! Keep up the good work!

Andy Grayson says:

Quality 👍👍👍

cncbmx says:

when are you going to japan

Olliwho Su says:

Deutschland Rulez💪💪💪💪🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

H Zoonka says:

Leave it to the germans for efficiency and Quality!Vorsprung durch Technik!

Tsma says:

I disliked because there is less machine and more of you.

Marcos Daniel says:

I was surprised to mention Brazil. I'm from Brazil and I've been working with CNC Machines for 20 years. I love what I do and will spend the rest of my life doing stuff! "Boom"

Pandurang Asalankar says:

Nice video bro

Emrecan Yavuz says:

please have turkish subtitles

jiayitool owen says:

German quality is heavy on their meticulous insistence that good quality is made with care. Only through constant innovation can one be at the cutting edge of the art. The knives I manufacture are also constantly innovating and learning from you. Thank you, Titan, for bringing us information about advanced companies.

Ed Pz says:

Titan you need to come to México. We love your videos!!!

Amer Kajevic says:

Just awesome and positive video. Thanks a lot Titan.

Mikael Från Göteborg says:

YES!!! German engineering is SUPERIOR!!!

Lev Rosenblum says:

Awesome video.

We used to have great tool and die apprenticeship programs, but the industry has been decimated, toolmakers are now nearly extinct in US.


Hi I'm Ashok from india. I'm working in CNC milling machine . Let me know any vacancies is there . I'm interested to work there

Jon Anderson says:

The shop cleanliness is incredible.
I've been in places where the air is full of coolant mist, dried coolant coats everything, dark, dirty dingy, oil resistant boots start sliding, epoxy coating is peeled up and worn out. My tools need to be wiped down at the end of the day.

It's amazing when management puts some money into keeping the thing that makes money nice.

I've been in some nicer facilities and the difference in the employees attitudes is night and day too.

I know the employees get the work done, well done management on doing right by your employees, facilities and buildings!

Iulian Vasile says:

sunt aici doar sa imi salut conationalul meu coleg masinist Respect!

Kenneth Reyes says:

Thanks Titan! As you inspire all who love to make!

Yhammess117 says:

I have to work at a company in Germany at some point, their stuff is just god level and soooooo cleeeeaaaaannnn

Still an apprentice (3rd year) though so still a dream at this stage 🤣

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