Is the laser welding machine better than tradional arc welding machine?

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The laser technology is more and more mature, more and more factories replaced tradional welding machines with laser welding machines. Handheld laser welding machine has many advantages over tradional arc welding machine.
1. The speed is fast, the efficiency is 2-8 times that of traditional welding machine.
2. The operate of the machine is very easy, you can master it in 1 hour.
3. There is almost no consumbale.
4.The welding beam quality is very high and the appearance is beautiful and flat.


Hanie Azares says:

Magkano po yan ser maam

Елена Засмолина says:

Хочу в подарок

Bry Hill says:

Hell no it ain’t better then the arc not even close

Luis Carlos de Angelis says:

Excelente. Mais do que adianta não existe no Brasil

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