I've never seen this perfect CNC working process before. Excellent factory machine and technology

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I’ve never seen this perfect CNC working process before. Excellent factory machine and technology.



ahmed butawan says:

Wow. . .excellent really great modern machine tech. . .😅😅😅

timlawrence kruk says:

Love the sound of the machine

Anang Miftakhul Falah says:

2:08 sounds like driving a racing car

o says:

What happens when there's a power cut in the middle?

Robin Red says:

The perfection behind this is the programmer, not the machinery.

Leo Poolmix says:

технологии пришельцев какие то аха

William Huang says:

Hanzhen harmonic drive gear ,

robot joint,

strain wave reducer, over 30 years experience

3 dwizzel says:

🫡🫡🫡🫡 walkin that lathe

Shain Andrews says:

Down votes are 1.5k at the time of this post. You've been warned.

Robert Schmidt says:

Schade das dies "Thumbnail Picture" Bild ein Fake ist :(. Der Rest ganz normale CNC Fertigung, nichts besonderes………

T0l3D0 419 says:

Got to be some of the dumbest toolpaths I have ever seen.
Milling an entire block out instead of flat bottom drilling then milling, and grabbing a short then medium then long end mill for the propeller instead of doing all fins the same length at the same time, then switching tools.

Stevphen Rose says:

It’s impossible to make a perfect part.

Peckelhaze says:

The speed and precision is mind blowing.

Azad Noori says:

Fantastic work , you desire million likes .

pat verum says:

Have a look at a Philishave head,the first series cutting dies were made BY HAND,
took the guy a full year….

전용철 says:


Zygmunt Kiliszewski says:

Hello, we must remember that these knives, cutters, etc. are controlled by stepper motors. Signals for them are provided by numerical programs. The stepper motor is an excellent synchronous machine for this type of task, although sometimes it "loses" a step or a group of them and the tool breaks. Nevertheless, I am full of admiration for the designers of this engine. I also congratulate the programmers and engineers 👌.

Xavier Giuntini says:

Mauvaise mignature pour la vidéo donc dislike parce qu'il faut pas, c est pas cool de mentire

Jeronimo Lopes says:

I got really excited at 1:14

jnr83j says:

so thats how my wifes butt plug was made. Thanks for that

BIG BEEF says:

never bend over around those machines

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