Laser Welding vs. TIG Welding ! Most Satisfactory Factory Machines

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Hello everyone.
There are many different types of welding.
TIG welding, MIG welding, electric welding, CO2 welding, laser welding, etc…
Each welding method has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Accordingly, their uses are also different.
TIG welding and laser welding are widely used for thin sheet welding, sheet metal welding, and high-quality welding.
It’s probably because it’s appropriate for that purpose.
Today, we will briefly compare the differences between TIG welding and laser welding.
We will introduce the contents of how to use the laser welding machine and more various comparison videos later.
Thanks for watching and have a nice week.



街猫 says:


Phil Boardman says:

Once the laser welder get below the £3000 Mark then l will buy one of the laser welding sets. £10 k is just too high.

Nr amin says:

Wt means samira?😂

Дневник сварщика says:

Дороговат лазер то….

Mario Luiz Andrade Costa says:

É impressionante as vantagens da solda a Laser!

Александр 159 says:

специально что ли медленно варили аргоновой горелкой,чтобы разрекламировать лазерную сварку?

Radamés Andrade says:

Perfeito parabéns

Pablo Romero says:

Greetings to China from San Luis Potosí Mexico excellent machines 👍👍👍👍❤️

Pablo Romero says:

Excellent machine welds quickly and does not need too much heat . saludos a china desde San Luis Potosí México 👍👍👍👍

Ali Basit says:

Hm price???

Khokhar Agricultural sirsa says:

Plz all price sir and contact nmbr

Evan Bryant says:

I feel like this is for people who just can't weld

legotech7 says:

What about thicker material like 1/4'' steel of above. And the quality of penetration?..

Tùng Bùi says:

Dôi tra qua the

Jose Gonzalez says:

Can you also translate in English please

CMAenergy says:

What has shitty music got to do with welding ?

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