Learn Names of Hand Tools and Power Tools for Kids | Speedie DiDi Toddler Learning Video:

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In this toddler learning video, kids will learn the names of hand tools and power tools with Speedie DiDi. This toddler learning video covers the following tools for kids: handsaw, chain saw, circular saw, screwdriver, hammer, pliers and wrench. Speedie DiDi shows kids videos of real hand tools and power tools, so that toddlers could compare their fun toy tools to real-life tools, and know the difference. In this educational video Speedie DiDi does pretend play where she pretends to be a handyman that is building with tools while using a wooden plank. Speedie DiDi pretends to learn tool names together with the kids, in order to encourage and to help facilitate toddler learning and understanding!

Speedie DiDi creates a fun and educational learning videos for toddlers; Pretend Play helps develop your child’s imagination and creativity. Thank you for watching!

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