Let's make some stuff with my new CNC machine

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I recently acquired a Tormach 1100mx. I’ve started to outgrow my existing mills and have been looking for a VMC that was feature rich but that I could also get into my basement. I show the rigging process of getting it into my basement, assembly, and then machining a tool holder for it. Also includes some 3D printing and plasma cutting. Finally I take the tool breakage detection and rigid tapping features for a test drive.

My videos usually take 100+ hours of work and a lot of money in tools and materials. I’ve made a patreon if you’re interested in supporting the creation of these projects: https://www.patreon.com/stuffmadehere

Oh also this video is not sponsored by Tormach. I bought this mill with my hard earned bucks.


Newtybot says:

It’s funny watching these older videos where you don’t show your face cus I know there’s a very handsome man just inches out of frame

Rob b says:

Cool video thanks. Please make me a snowboard 🤪✌

Brett Miller says:

I know this video is a year old but I had a few questions. First what program are you using? And do you have a pre setter for tool changes or can the Tormach measure the tool?

Bub Dawg's What do you think? says:

I think it's funny that you call that tiny little cube of a level precision have you ever had it calibrated? They're not that close we've sent many of them out to get them checked they come back failed we tried to use them in our travel cases for service a lot of them never survived just flying in the the hall of an aircraft maybe you ought to do a video on to see how accurate one of those are.

acct2430 says:

i miss these old videos that don't try to be cute and make overkill childrens toys

AJ SHER says:

Mad how I sat all the way through this instead of playing elden ring lol


Whats the wedding ring made of?

Matthew Snyder says:

Bro in the intro are you wearing Altra Lone Peaks 4.5? Haha

Christopher H says:

You didnt show us how to make any thing.

clay flannery says:

Need more cnc stuff

MrButuz says:

Wow this is the ultimate home workshop!! I want to get into CNC but dont have 3.59 million subscribers to pay for it – any idea of a machine for 2k odd that can do metal (dont mind if it does it slowly!).

Kaleo's Creations says:

You’re such an inspiration!

Festivejelly says:

I cant wait to get a house with a garage so I can get my very first mill and lathe. A far cry from what you have here but I just always think a man (or woman) should have a workshop, and no workshop is complete without a lathe and mill.

Bald Eagle Garage says:

Check yourself before you wreck yourself haha

OilBaron100 says:

Suggested project: a titanium lower receiver for an AR-15.

Charles Runyon says:

What cad cam software do you use for making parts to cnc.

Richard Toth says:

Perfect intro… LOL 😀

PheonixWrath says:

i love how he has L for left on his left palm

John Smith says:

must be nice to be a rich clown

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