LT7 – Tube fiber laser cutting | BLM GROUP

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Further information:

LT7 Lasertube
With the BLM GROUP Lasertube LT7, you can equally easily cut round, square and rectangular tubes, special sections and open profiles weighing up to 23 kg/m and with a diameter from 12 mm to 152.4 mm.

Everything is automatic, with no machine stops!


Big Steel Rack says:

That is a beautiful cut, very powerful & versatile machine.

PaulaPablo Wc says:

Simplemente perfecto …. Si te sobra una de esas me la regalarían ????

zagros says:

ایا این دستگاه با مواد فولاد زد زنگ stanles steel هم کار میکند

weee says:

How many mm are needed to fix the pipe?

ekrem erdoğan says:

detailed information catalog please

Agate Prakash says:

Super price sir where are you from sir

Lasmian Situmorang says:

What is the software name to make cnc codes for that machine?

Paul Davis says:

Only a handful of machines make me come, this is one of them 😉 WoW!

Шырынкуль Баимбетова says:

Please price

TheDustyaman says:

Our company just bought this machine. We also have the 712 and the LT5

Ferros Planes says:

After having seen the brand new LT7 FIBER at Tube 2018, it seems to be a machine with an encouraging future!

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