Machine Operation Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Instruction Video for RAM sheet metal unit


Aravinth T says:

There is no quick release…

Kate Moon says:

Nice machine. Bigger than my needs though.

Onesmus Rono says:

wonderful machine. kindly share the price, am from kenya

Ahmed Rivera says:


Cool Space says:

Good work
Sand price

Ali Belkache says:

need more infrmation about the machine

Валерий Шляхов says:

Таки покажите.. что он делает… таки понятто.. 9 роликов делают тоже…))))

Roll former Fabricator says:

Verg good fatory machine for sheet metal process

ali imran says:

I won't this machine tell me price please my what's app is 092 03002565537

Yusuf Sayed says:

pl sand entar saction and pramtar

Roller Former China says:

Nice machine

Datta Wable says:

I am from India
Please confirm cost of machine

Imarn Satti says:

cost repaly at imransatti869

Imarn Satti says:

cost really at imransatti869

Ravi Gadekar says:

Send a qutection. From India .CSG INDUSTRIES.

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