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Hello Everyone!

Today I show you how to make a router attachment for drill machine. I used nut, bolt and flat metal piece to make this plunger router base. This homemade woodworking router is very simple in construction but works effectively. I really amazed by this router performance. I hope you will enjoy this drill hack.

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Sabrendra Sharma says:

मुझे एक चाहिए

Tour Guide Ayna ye Chitral says:

Good nice video

Николай Маргвелашвили says:

теперь понятно почему руки золотые !

Николай Маргвелашвили says:

столько всего задумано собрать – струбцину для сверлильного станка, струбцины для захвата деталей, и наверное насадку на дрель, чтобы фрезеровать !ну и давно уже шлиф машину из болгарки или дрели ленточную… это что самое нужное, а уж токарный вообще не мечтаю !

Ugly Stick says:

Not sure what you tried to prove, all this machinery and materials used to get poor quality router mount which you have to eyeball for level, etc.. . I better buy ready-made one.

Giuseppe Porcheddu says:

ottima idea però è pericoloso per le mani se dovesse rompersi l'inserto

Михаил Михаил says:

Хрень полная дрель не предназначена для фрейзеровки там нет 30000 оборотов поэтому нет не то да и станина шляпа нужно делать из амартизаторов

Humberto Gogo Gogo says:

maestro gracias por tu video


How to begin: set up a workshop packed to the rafters with heavy-duty hardware. Then make your measly router!

Oscar Esteban Curzio says:

Con respeto porque no usó resorte s en lugar de las tuercas

Arun M says:

Instead of bolts use compression springs

cepot aw says:

mantap mas bro👍👍😍✅

Mintu says:

When you using this diy idea plz wear a safty hand glove

Lindomar alves frança says:

Bom dia, muito bom parabéns, abraço.

Jeffrey Deutsch says:

There is a similar video where the fellow made the same device out of wood with a cheap hand drill and a couple of hand tools. I could believe that he made it out of necessity. On the other hand, in this video I saw a Bosch cutoff saw, a lathe, a drill press and welding equipment to build a hand drill router base. I would think he would want to build something that is not as good as a cheap router that is svailable for a few bucks, runs 10 times faster and is more precise. It is sort of like buying a Ferrarii to go buy a quart of milk.

DIY sana sini says:

RIP to the drill


Фрезер из дрели? Ещё и из ударной?

Valentin Kamolov says:

Во многих случаях такой чистоты вполне достаточно. Вопрос, какую глубину возьмёт самоделка ?

Ura says:

Китайцы в ахуе.Наверно идею украдут.

Edison Sampaio says:


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