Make beautiful moldings with basic hand tools.

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No trim, no problem. Make your own decorative moldings with common hand tools.
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Make the Tools From This Video:

Grooving Plane:
Joiner’s Bench:
Viseless Work Holding:
Leg Vise:

Wood Work for Humans Tool List (affiliate):
Stanley 12-404 Handplane:
Honing Guide:
Green buffing compound:
Cheap metal/plastic hammer for plane adjusting:
Spade Bits:
Metal File: (I don’t own this one, but it looks good and gets good reviews. DOESN’T NEED A HANDLE)
My favorite file handles:
Block Plane Iron (if you can’t find a used one):
Stanley Marking Knife:
Blue Kreg measuring jig:
Blue Handled Marples Chisels:
Suizan Dozuki Handsaw:
Vaughan Ryoba Handsaw:
Glue Dispenser Bottle:
Orange F Clamps:
Blue Painters Tape:
Round-head Protractor:
5 Minute Epoxy:
Dewalt Panel Saw:

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Kevin says:

what you need a curve a groove alongside of a curved cut wood (curved tung and groove?) is there any better way than a electric router?

Chris Phillips says:

How are you supposed to plane the cut edge on that first moulding? Impossible to clamp, no?

piano boogie says:

Hey Rex, you should do a video on some antique moulding plane and sharpening them.

romeo joshua says:

I used this plan to build a kitchen cabinet for my friend Allmy.Tips I feel proud to have accomplished such a project which she have come to love so much. Thanks a lot for a collection as this. It is quite comprehensive.

Joel Hamme says:

Keep admiring that really simple moxon vice clamp with the wood screws that's clamped to the back wall. Would you consider making a video about DIY screw boxes?

Timothy Mallon says:

Thank you so much for these videos Rex!

mark oldendorf says:

I like to imbed decorative pieces, like turquoise, glass, old jewelry, coins etc. into pieces, to make real eye catchers. Very simple. Rex ?

T.K Chong says:

your idea is great but i've never seen those tools selling here.. cz our tools are more ancient 🤣

Zed says:

This was incredibly helpful for a small but detailed project I’m working on. Thank you, Billy Zane

Darnell Sproul says:

Nice, nice, very nice. However, you can make it better. Just google Stodoys and learn how to do it easily.

Al Gallero / アル ガイエーロ says:

Lmao, when the ad cuts you off.

Gerald Eddy says:

I wish your video series had been out years ago… I would have been so much better a wood worker today! Love everything you put out, even the wood turning stuff I will probably never do! Thankyou so much!

MyStrangeMind says:

Would this work well for baseboards, quarter round for floors and window molding?

Scott Brown says:

If I don't see a kid helping make paint I'll start spreading the vasectomy rumor!

Martin Hartley says:

@Rex – Yup, moulding planes is a serious rabbit-hole and I've fallen into it!

Russell Wagner says:

Use thinner pcs and stack them or different height and thickness to build and use multiple member mounding with a different profiles . How its done in those big custom mansions, from Miami to palm beach.

gordon thomas says:

Rabbet hole, lol!

Splatterpunk says:

You are right about many more varieties on these basic shapes. Go next level by cutting yourself some Contour Sanding Blocks, and connect your moulding strips together using that lovely grooving plane and tongue and groove joinery. Thank you again for this mind blowing demo, as a fellow patient in the moulding plane wing of the asylum.

Splatterpunk says:

Awesome. BTW the shot @ 5:35 is really good. More of those please.

Dickus Bigus says:

This channel makes me regret not doing woodwork in school cuz it seems so fun

Walter Rider says:

thank you Rex . naw i am an old broken down geezer now days . neat channel learning new stuff to stay above ground !

Miharix says:

Grat tips!
4:22 using this tool and some rounded,… chisels like those used for turning wood on lathe or carwing, would work ?

Jonathan Tillian says:

This just reinforces what Shawn Graham at wortheffort always says: woodworking is how the cutting edge of a chisel interacts with wood.
Great video, great series.

Nathan Bame says:

It goes to show that sometimes there is no substitute for skill.

Patrick Charette says:

Ahh so that’s what I’m making every time I screw up squaring my stock, it’s just quarter round moulding!

adhithya sodhi says:

You're a great teacher. I clicked on this with skepticism and ending confident even I could do that. Thanks Rex

Mark Slater says:

Out of the many videos you have produced, this is a particularly impressive one. Great video technique, perfectly yet swiftly paced delivering a great deal of high quality content, demonstrates excellent usable results with quite easily achievable tools. Brilliant work, and very much appreciated.

Eli Deshaies says:

I just love that so many things I learn on this channel can save me trips to the store. I'm not so much worried about the money saved as I am the potential time savings. As I get older I realize that any little trip to the store is going to burn up about an hour, and I can get a lot of work done in an hour if I can keep myself in the shop. Thanks Rex

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