Make your own Sheet Metal Bending Tool – Metal Sheet Brake Tool

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Precision-fitted bearings, ensuring smooth operation. For use in varied industrial applications, sheet metal must be bent to the required specifications. Several tools are used to achieve precise bends with required angles and other features. I hope you like the video.

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dormindont1 says:

Полезной видно👍👍👍👍👍

Thiago Cordeiro says:

Im pretty sure this is a telecaster plate

Elsif says:

This is the best one you've made man! 😱🙌 Website says:

Nice little bender. We shared this video on our homemade tools forum this week 😎

Brian Pinheiro says:

Concept, execution was good.
Please wear hand gloves handling sheet metal.

Ankit Gajjar says:

Excellent tool for basic work.. 👍

regueroj says:

Wow!!! Amazing tool.
I will do one asap.

MaBu-Kunsthandwerk says:

Tolle Idee zum Abkanten von Blechen

Уличный Парень says:

Очень круто!!! Красавчик

Elektronik Atölyem says:

Excellent project

PHUC DO says:

Good Morning, Thank you for this video.

vijaya prabhu says:

Good one.But we will be able to make bends with a fixed depth only( the height of three bearings together). Anything more, we have to use your another sheet metal bending device to do it

4yoHI says:

Cool! use with gloves …

Мастерская холоднокованых изделий Голубев says:


johnmclaurin says:

Love this man’s work!

Критик Скептик Циник says:

Такие …штуки применяются чаше для сгиба криволинейных поверхностей. А такую …фольгу, да ещё и по прямой, можно и кияночкой аккуратно загнуть. Симпатично, но не практично. 👎

Tree Carcass Mangler says:

Very good! Thumbs up and thanks for posting.

Animation says:

if you realize this wood chain that cuts the trees then in my eyes you will know the best of all

Animation says:

what you have just done beautiful work a good idea, you are the best, I would like to know if you can make us a video how to make a chain that cuts wood from trees, if you have an idea show us, thank you take my request as a priority in your project

Creative Boss says:

Brilliant idea

Pecah Kayu says:


Ebrahim Xoshnaw says:

i suggest you that make a mini turbine jet


Excellent job 👍 🙏

I I says:

глубина загиба постоянная? или еще взять длиннее болты и еще подшипники ..и можно глубже ?

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