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A step by step explanation of how to use the Langmuir Crossfire Pro CNC plasma table. In this video I explain how to turn a $100 sheet of steel into $800 or more. There will be more of these videos to come, so make sure you subscribe so you can follow along. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to bid on the plasma cut YouTube button made in this video!

Email me with any questions…

-Check out for more info and pricing on all they’re products.

-Check out to learn more about Fusion 360. This is a great place to start if you are interested in any kind of CNC work.

My videos using the CNC plasma table:

Amazon affiliate links for tools used in this video:
-Milwaukee 2″ die grinder:
-Dewalt 4″ angle grinder:
-4″ cold chisel:
-Hobart 210 MVP mig welder:


Scott Davis says:

I found it easier to convert the image to an SVG file and insert that into fusion. IOS has an excellent free program.

Chip Kirk says:

What type/size of air compressor do you have? Also, did I read right…the 45 Razor Weld will only cut up to 3/16 thick material?

Kevin Hicks says:

How wide were your bridges (I’ve always called them “tabs” for some reason)? How thin can you make those with that cutter? I’m used to designing signs for laser cutting, but the laser belongs to my day job. Thinking about getting something like this to keep from being a middle man.

CryptoRay says:

Great video

Manuel Rosario says:

First time i see someone say to wait until i see the video to click the like button or not… got my like right there

Russ N says:

Dude, where are you buying your steel. 4x8x18 gauge is $184, 12 guage $321.

Larry Robinson says:

$45 is more than $10 a piece

JD L says:

Okay this really helped. Now I can maybe actually use this thing. Langmuir really blew it because I had to look for hours to figure the posting process. After looking for hours to figure out getting the Langmuir program on fusion. Only thing is you drank way to much coffee, so I had to pause and rewind one hundred times to actually get the information. But what ever, doesn't matter. Thanks a million.

iata boi says:

i was looking for a perfect intro video into plasma tables the overall knowledge in this video hit the nail on the head!!

Don Swords says:

Thanks. Fun. Subscribed! I have the same table. Also bought two welding tables joined together. Langmuir rocks. I'm using the Harbor Freight Plasma I got on sale. Works great. Would you mind detailing the air drying system you set up? I need to add that to my set-up. Cheers.

Derrick Martel says:

How did you get your firecontrol to hook up to fusion because I can't find firecontrol in the library of the post. And when I look local it's not in there either so I can't save to use firecontrol

Jack In The Shop says:

I could not tell, did you program any lead in, lead out in that file? I just got my Cut60DN today that I am going to put on my 30X30 Longmill CNC. Do you really need lead in?

James Dufrene says:

what type of air dryer do you use for your cutter. also, did you have any issues with langmuir technical support after purchasing the table. i've heard that once you buy the machine, they're difficult to get ahold of for help and that the only help is from the forums. is that true?

Erick Sanchez says:

When you say im going to export to post process , you open the window (g1-g2) , My question is how do i find my fire control machine. , how did you make it appear ?

JKcustoms says:

Great vid I definitely got something from watching it! I do have a question or two….. First any regrets on the razorweld plasma aside from limiting to cutting thin stuff and if so what will you get to replace it someday? Secondly my biggest question!!!! That local 697 sign is very clean as in you have some thin areas that seemed to have cut very nice which brings me to the question are you using standard consumables and or what tip sizes are you using as this is new to me? Thanks in advance.

DogCreek - Customs says:

That's tons of work and glad I have a different setup let alone using a ground clamp my table grounds the metal with no problem but I would use Inkscape and cut half the design time in half because that setup time is crazy. But I like any and all tables. Nice job on the video.

DogCreek - Customs says:

The circular signs are called monograms.

Erick Sanchez says:

I waited for the keystone girl, and she was worth the while…. great job on the vid.

John G says:

Ummm wut?
1 garden marker sign is $10.00 or 3 of them for $45.00? Is that the new math? LoL

Nick Moulter says:

When you ordered the plasma table what all did you get for add-ons and why?

Tractor Talk with Gary says:

You did an amazing job with this video Kyle. This one put you on the map.

Wiggy McCrackin says:

Question, where would you recommend I learn CAD?

Bald Eagle Garage says:

Good video, just an FYI; in architecture and Mechanical design Fillet is pronounced "Fill it" not "fillay". It is pronounced differently than if you were cutting up a fish. Two different words pronounced different with different meanings, but spelled the same, ahh good ole' english.

RoadBoogala Builds says:

I’m building my self a plasma table, I have been trying to learn the CAD it Certainly is a challenge

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