Making Plasma Cutting Machine

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Track makes cutting metal very easy is accurate and fast. The machine is equipped with two strong electromagnets so that the cut piece is stable and does not move during cutting. I used an old screwdriver 12v I found on the scrap metal. To power the screwdriver and electromagnets I used a 12v 16A dual channel power supply, and a speed controller to control the screwdriver’s rotation. Thanks to the adjustable length, we can adjust the machine’s distance to the size of the piece to be cut.


Shawn Brynelson says:

I feel like this would do better as a stationary piece of equipment. You have no square edge to reference off of, so how are you going to get accurate 90* cuts? This should have a fixed backstop to square the material against IMO. Cool project though.

TCAP Batman says:

Total ASMR watching this. Damn great job. Thanks.

Paul says:

Excellent design, work and video. One thing i gotta say is you're very lucky I'm not your neighbour. I'd be hanging around constantly. lol

Влад Г says:

Работа хорошая, сделал всё аккуратно, всё понятно. Но: очень сложно, много сварочных работ, резки, сверления, точения и т.д. да ещё дрель испортил. Мало кто захочет повторить. Посмотрите русских умельцев, всё просто, минимум сварочных работ, делают из подручных материалов, двигатель от дворников автомобиля. Всё дёшево и сердито.

Hussein hussein says:

You must add a limit switch at the ends so that the motor turns off when the cutting platform reaches one end


Good very good amazing

John Partridge says:

Very good design & build, well done 👍

Виктор Меж says:

Оригинальное применение магнитных замков!

Виктор Меж says:

Можно смотреть вечно!

İsabala Musdafayev says:

👍 SUPER 👏 Bravo 👏 🇦🇿

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