Manufacturing Process Ever Seen Before – Perfect Worker And Machinery Working

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Manufacturing Process Ever Seen Before – Perfect Worker And Machinery Working

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Mike Hudick says:

Stripping that bamboo must be mind-numbly, soul-crushingly BORING!!!

Colorado Mountain Man says:

Annoying and distracting "split screen videography" combined with irritating crappy-ass "music" makes for an unwatchable p.o.s. video. Dude, dont quit your day job! Your YouTube posting sucks!

jezza hawkes says:

Ahhhhhh amazing great video such ingenuity smart ideas very cool.

Ibrahim says:

liar!!! that bamboo guy obviously is Chinese!!! how you tell that is in japan? didn't you see the back ground Chinese writting?

MsAnna47 says:

I miss folk festivals …

Victor Ree says:

Damn, Chinese are simply too clever…!!

Troy E. says:

Just ANOTHER fuckin music video 👎🏻

Robert Tinsley says:

12:02 That's fucking genius.

noelinnny says:

The out of focus portions on left and right are nauseating – ruined a perfectly good info vid

Lucy Leonard says:

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x3ms says:

I dont see a clip that showing on the title thumbnail..
Watta shame making a thumbnail just to make people click the video…🤦🏾‍♂️

RJL Innovations says:

All the workers are very knowledgeable and have team work, especially with this huge manufacturing 😀

Humblehombre says:

At 3:56….that is NOT bricklaying. That wall will have absolutely zero strength. Lego would be better. I guess there are no standards there. We are fortunate. Yep, I’m a bricky/block layer.

Dhirendra P Singh says:

Informative. Useful. Calming. Inspiring. Life-changing. Enjoyable. Heart-warming. Other.

michael ferrins says:

I love these videos where you haven't got a clue what's going on, until about 5 seconds before they switch to something completely new

sponge bob says:

music ruins another good video

Chris Parish says:

In america u all will lived very good please pass it forward

Wayne Kenoff says:

Imagine the forearms on the last broad

doomsdoor says:

at 20:20 you can see dog hide being utilized

S.inus F.orced U.nderground R.obot says:

wtf 2:24..the whole stairs are full… "gimme this and go away bitch"… really

Elder Frost says:

all interesting stuff, but the subtitles make no sense and are definitely wrong for some of them. Also no sources? pretty ironic that there's a watermark on stuff that you don't source…

Ms. Ann Thrope says:

It's a lot of hand labor that could be done better and faster with automation. Guy opening up a huge furnace without a heat reflective suit. Lots of machines with no hand guards. Woman working in construction with a baby strapped to her back. No American workers would work in such conditions. Gotta respect that kind of determination to make a bare living.

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