Mekanika EVO-S CNC Router REVIEW – Great CNC for Beginners (with money)

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The Mekanika EVO CNC Router is a compact, yet a capable machine that’s aimed at the semi-professional market. I tested the machine for the last two months and will tell you if it’s worth the money you are paying or just an expensive toy! Let’s find out more!

Update #1 22-03-07: The “DI Spindel” upgrade is not only the spindle itself but also includes additional electronics within the electronics box, which makes the €300 price a bit more reasonable but also means that you will not be able to upgrade to the DI Spindle if you purchase the Standard Spindle at first.

More on the Mekanika EVO:

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00:00 Introduction
00:36 Zellerfeld Promotion
01:38 Mekanika EVO CNC Router Overview
04:05 Assembly
06:30 Electronics
08:19 Touch Probe
09:06 AMB Spindle
10:13 Wasteboard
10:35 Why it is great for Beginners!
11:51 Project #1: Learning Tower
13:08 Project #2: Electric Guitar Body
14:12 Machining Aluminum
15:11 Summary

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*for beginners with money or businesses

DISCLAIMER: This video was sponsored by Zellerfeld.


GrandNebSmada says:

I absolutely LOVE their use of XLR connectors for the connections. Its such a great and sturdy connector, especially considering they're using the best brand available, Neutrik.

Izzy Buzzy says:

Das Ende! Herrlich!!!

Sascha Contes says:

Great video, how does it compare to the

toe kie says:

hmmm for this price and quality id rather go for uncle phills VF1

Comgrow Official says:

Greatly appreciate your videos! Love your channel as well😍

Orsa Adrian says:

Gret video man as usual <) but when i see those belts and wheels on a cnc machine i say pass 🙁 and even for that huge price is a toy cnc 🙁
For even less of the money you can get the Onefinity from US that is 10x better 😀 or as you said if you like to roll up your sleeves you can build the PrintNC for maximum of 2000e 😀

Samuel Bernier says:

It would be really cool it you built the PrintNC and reviewed it, I've wanted to make one for some time

SierraEcho88 says:

This is one of "those" videos again, where the maker is going "oh look at this 30k machine I have at home, it is so convenient" xD

Kevin Matney says:

Can I buy the cut file for the Guitar Body

LWJCarroll says:

Mmm about nzd 5000 plus shipping for the small one is out of my spending range…thanks anyway…Laurie NZ.

Alisa says:

Not gonna lie, that ad was interesting to me.

The Minnesota Wolf says:

At first I kind of bulked at the price, but when I think about it, this is about how much money I'm spending to build a custom dimension voron 2.4.

Rex McStiller says:

I´m in search for a good CNC Router for hobbyist. Should have a bed size of at least 300x300mm and should be possible to drill a 100mm deep hole. Also it should can handle aluminum without problems all day long.

No_one says:

Deckel FP3 or an old Maho with heidenhain language cost about 5000 – 10000 Euro. Imho a much more better deal. Because those machines have a more powerful engine with 9,6 kW and are heavy 4200 kg (which is important for vibrational stiffness and so on). These are properties which are necessary for machining steel and other alloys.

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