Metal Roofing Machine – How it works and What type of metal roofing it makes

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In this video we’ll look at our Metal Roofing Machine and what type of metal roofing it makes.
Metal Roof machines or portable roll formers are changing the way Roofing contractors provide metal roofing materials and installation services to both residential and commercial customers.

Roofing contractors who own and operate metal roofing machines are able to provide an enhanced customer experience through direct sales, shorter lead times, Faster installations, full length metal panels with no seams, reduced freight cost, and wholesale pricing.

Metal roof machines are usually mounted on a trailer that is then taken directly to the job site. The new metal roof is produced or roll formed right on site. Portable roll formers can be operated off the trailer but can also be picked up to do arial roll forming. Areal roll forming allows a roofing contractor to run out long metal roofing panel directly onto large buildings and means that the building owner gets a full length, seamless metal roof.

What type of metal roofing do these machines make?

Most major manufactures of metal roof machines like New Tech machinery, Englert, Zimmerman, have engineered their portable roll formers to have interchangeable dies or tooling which means the machines can produce several different types of metal roofing and many also have dies or tooling to make metal soffit and metal siding panels. The most common profile roll formed is snap lock metal roofing. The snap lock metal roof is popular because looks great, no exposed fasteners, and is relatively easy to install. Other common types of metal roofing the portable roll formers can make is 138 T standing seam, 238 T standing seam, 2” mechanical standing seam , 1 1/2 mechanical standing seam.

How do metal roof machines work?

A metal roof machine takes a metal coil and forms it into a metal roofing panel.These coils are usually either 24g or 26g metal. After a customer chooses a metal roof profile and color roof they want, the metal coil can be ordered to the appropriate length for the roofing project.

The coils are then shipped either directly to the job site or to a roofing contractor’s sheet metal shop.

The metal coils are mounted into decoilers on top of or behind the metal roofing machine so as to be able to be unrolled and fed into the machine.

The metal coil will then pass through the stations of tooling. Each station or die will add shape to the metal sheet. As the metal coil continues toward the exit of the machine its roll formed Into a metal roofing panel.

A controller at the end of the machine can be programmed to make the desired length and quaintly of metal roofing panels. When the right length its reached a hydraulic shear will cut the metal panel off and then the process repeats until the metal is formed.

The idea and process of a metal roof machine is simple but revolutionary. Onsite roll forming streamlines the process of both buying and installing metal roofing. It reduces waste, freight cost, and lead time all while creating value with wholesale pricing and full length metal with no seams.

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