Metal Shaping Tools for Beginners

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Metal shaping tools for beginners is a video for those who constantly question what tools should I start out with. In this episode Wray goes over all the different tools he uses. Sure we have a lot of tools in the shop but what are Wray’s go to tools?



Edney Baptista says:

Muito obrigado pelo conhecimento 👏👏

Steve Riddell says:

Wray could you tell me about brand and model of your cheep metal $300 tig were on line could it be purchased pleases

chris carroll says:

Awesome video…much appreciated..👏👏👏

Denny Graham says:

Wray, thanks for all the previous videos, I often refer back to them when I'm in a bind….which is all to often.
And today was another one of those days. One of the things I see missing in your and everyone else's metal shaping videos is that last tiny bit about finish planishing the panel in the Wheel. You guys get down to the last exercise and then talk about light pressure and just smoothing or planishing the panel. The problem I ALWAYS have with that is…by the time you've worked the final shape into the panel after hours or days, the thickness varies quite a bit, especially when you've had to stretch some sections a good amount. Which is the case with the 1925 Miller 3/4 scale cowl flare that I've been working on for a month and a half. So I find it actually impossible to keep an 'even' pressure on the wheel when finish planishing. In order to smooth the whole panel, I adjust as lightly as possible to the thin area, and of course it's obvious what happens when you run over the thicker area. The result is some areas either not getting smooth or as is the case most of the time with me, you end up further stretching the panel, adding area to it and then it's lost it shape. I hope that was clear.
Thanks again,
Denny Graham
Sandwich, IL

Wayne Mills says:

Awesome vid! good to see an overview of your favourite use tools

Fernando Lemes says:

Thanks for your help, I'm from Brazil

Ted Thalassinos says:

Do you have metal shaping classes? When ? Where? And how much?

Rick Bell says:

HOOK AND LOOP IS THE WAY TO GO! I wanted to find out where you got your hook and loop sand paper for your sanders but I just saw you cut one. Because hook and loop only sells like a 3" disk which is fine since the edges can also be of use even though bigger the edges you can allow to wrap around the head giving you some side sanding at the same time. But I like how you cut the hook and loop paper that you customize for your smaller orbitals. I just bought one from harbor freight. So far so good. I also like how you got each grinder set up with a different head so you never have to stop and change them. Thats essential in the biz! Great information. I never bought the long cut off wheel set up…didn't think it would be easy to control since it is further away. I will check out the video you have on it.

daniel buckner says:

I love yhose needle nose locking pliers and end up letting my pro welding clamps collext dust while reaxhing for the needle nose or self tappers all the time.

daniel buckner says:

Ha! Im glad to see I'm not the only one who uses a door skin hammer for more than door skins. I bought mine when working on body shops for it's intended purpose but use it now way more in forming and building little patches in resto work.

Gerard Egdorf says:

What an awesome video. I could listen to this guy talk all. Day. Long. Such a wealth of info 👍🏻

tomcoryell says:

Hi Wray, this is the second time watching this video and I am sure I will watch it again, Good Stuff! I have a case of Naval Jelly and am taking my VW bus down to clean metal so I can straighten it out etc.

rick kausch says:

Thank you Ray!!! I learned so many new things,and great advice on what tools are the best value for my money. I will be using this info in my Austin Healey Bugeye restoration project I have just begun. Thanks again!!

Welder Sandblaster says:

Showing me the tools without demonstrating them, showing them in use, was totally worthless. A waste of my time.

Josh Martin says:

Today's class is about the best stuff you can buy at HF and HD. Good stuff. The honesty of whats available and what it's good for is appreciated.

Bobby Wartman says:

Wray….You made me order Norton Blaze 3in disc's….in 2 grits..LOL I'll giv'em a try. 🙂 As to air tools…..I just picked up a AirCat 3/4Hp air 90deg grinder……It blows my old IR .33HP unit away……VERY VERY Pleased…….They make a 1HP die grinder but it's physically larger by about 2in longer…..Figured weight and size would be a hinderance.

Lewis Kemp says:

Im an old body man and I like this video. I'll watch other videos now. Might find some new tricks for me at work

Allen Puckett says:

I think your videos are great. They are really informative.

Dominic Bruno says:

Great Video Thank you for sharing

micregil says:

Your closing comments really hit home, I know exactly what you were describing, I wish I could get into some metal shaping, I used to make some sheet metal ductwork and things along those lines.

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