Metal Shaping with ONLY Hand Tools STEP BY STEP!!! How To Make Compound Curves

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On this episode of Make It Kustom, I try and duplicate a panel for Jordan’s grill shell using only hand tools. No bead roller, no English wheel, no power hammer, no kick shrinker, no planishing hammer. Enjoy!

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Learn how to make your own shrinking stump here:

Learn how to make your own slapper tool here:

How to clean and polish your hammers:


remy bossert says:

Amazing video. Great work. I am just blown away.

Eva Berg says:

Thank you so much that was so fun to watch and learn

ErikPlus says:

Amazingly well done film and instructions. I’m just a disabled old man but this is very entertaining.

Kemped Kemp says:

We learned how to do this in 8th grade (second year of "Industrial Arts") ie. "Shop" circa 1969

John Smith says:

Excellent video, no bad language to sound hip, just talent and patient

Rolf Lee says:

Amazing work. Thank you

chompergames 207 gameing says:

Amazing video and especially all of the tools that I never knew I needed and will now make. Helped a kid out trying to fix an S30Z. SUBBED

Tasteapiana says:

That's it. Tomorrow I'm gonna rebody a 1956 Jag with a sledge hammer. a butter knife and a bowling ball.

wanderley apparecido Vieira says:

why not use stretcher/shrink equipment?

Anthony Price says:

When you were shrinking is there any reason you don't use a shrinking dolly or hammer? I enjoyed the video nice to see someone with the skills sharing their knowledge.

Ericcsuf says:

You, sir, are not only a craftsman, but an excellent teacher. Every step is demonstrated and explained, including unintentional "mistakes". I make intricate Morse Code keys from brass stock with just hand tools. I do use a drill press, but I don't own nor do I know how to use a lathe. Everything is done with hacksaw, hammer, taps, files, sandpaper and normal hand tools. It can be done. It just takes a will do dive in. And the wisdom to throw something away and start over if necessary.

Jun Jensen says:

Very inspirational video and you do a great job of explaining the steps. Thank you. I am wondering where you got those stationary dollies you use so much in this and other videos. I tried some searching and came up mostly empty. Thanks!

aether elephant says:

Great vid, thanks

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