Milwaukee Electrical Tools – Electricians Showcase

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Electrical work requires specialised tools. In this video, we look at the range of unique offerings from Milwaukee specifically designed for electricians. Each item is time stamped and linked below.

Also, you can request a job site demonstration in Australia, with any of these specialise tools here

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Sparkyvos :

Addicted to Tools:

Milwaukee Tools Australia:

Featured Tools:
0:12 – M18 Cordless Cable Stripper M18BCS-0C –
0:33 – M18 Cordless FORCELOGIC™
ONE-KEY™ 300mm² Crimper M18HCCT-0C –
0:58 – M12 Cordless
Cable Cutters M12CC-0 –
1:18 – M18 Brushless
Threaded Rod Cutter M18BLTRC-0X –
1:38 – M18 Cordless 6-Ton
KNOCKOUT™ Tool M18HKP-201C –
2:03 – Milwaukee Fish Sticks and Tapes
3:08 – M18 Cordless 7.5L
Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner M18WDV-0 –
3:26 – M12 Soldering Iron M12SI-0 and M18 Cordless Heat Gun M18BHG-0
3:38 – Milwaukee Lighting Solutions – Featured
4:10 – Milwaukee PACKOUT™ Range –
4:30 – Electricians Tool Pouch –
4:41- 18pce HOLEDOZER™ Electricians Hole saw set –
All featured Accessories and much much more


MrNightro says:

I either have every tool shown here or an equivalent for It (except for the powered snake), thanks for bringing to my attention my tool addiction.

o2slo says:

Vacuum needs a longer or an extra hose

Frank Su Huang says:


Jean Vieira says:

Are some of these available in the US?

Noor Aldeen says:

ممكن الحقيبه المدرسيه للعدد الكهربائيه

Proper Aussie says:

Electricians tools case: screwdriver and hand moisturiser

Jack Riley says:

Thanks for the entertainment??

nick longstaffe says:

The electricians at the mine I worked at did everything they could besides electrical work, ironically they cleaned all the time.

ประกิต ตระกูลพิบูลชัย says:

เยี่ยมมาก From Thailand

Mr Static101 says:

Damn metric system I don’t know what any of those sizes mean 😂. I need that punch out tool. It’s a pain hauling out the hydraulic one.

JBHIFI2000 says:

Do you have a tool to go under the house for me?

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