Mini Split – 3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Installing

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Here are three things that don’t get brought up much when it comes to buying and installing a mini split. #minisplit #tosot #heatingairconditioning

• DIY Mini Split Install – All the Things Nobody Shows You:
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• 5 Things You Should Know About Your Water Heater!:


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James Donop says:

I buy 120 volt minisplits.

I can go through the wall from existing 120 outlet to outside where condenser unit is. Huge savings in electrical work.

Jill King says:

Great videos!!! I have all the tools needed including the vacuum pump. I didn't see you add freon though. Does the outside unit come precharged? Or did you add freon not in the video. Thanks

Canadian Comedy says:

In the eyes of a real HVAC teck Mr. Cool is for hacks.

mike says:

I'm learning that if you do an install yourself (on any other brand besides the Mr Cool DIY), then the warranty is void. So if there are problems later on, you have to deal with it yourself, or pay someone.

Which means that any great warranty that any of the units come with (5-year, 7-year, 10-year – whatever) are null and void if you install it yourself.

So, if/when there are issues later, and you need to pay someone to fix an issue you can't or don't want to deal with, is money really being saved up front?


Joseph Merritt says:

Curious but can you simply rent the vacuum pump, vacuum gauges, torque tool, and flaring tool from the local tool rental store?

baha says:

As of Sept 12th the difference is about $900 – $1000 between Mr.Cool and TOSOT. It's a no brainer

cntnuum says:

Are there warranty differences between Mr Cool and some of the other brands like TOSOT, Senville, etc? I wonder if that is also part of the price diff. Although I have no direct experience (yet), some people are posting that Mr Cool is the only brand to provide a warranty when installed by a non-HVAC professional. I'd love to hear from others on this.

Zens Place says:

Great vid, coming from a "HVAC" Tech XD🤣 but when broken down a lil more any one can do it 😉. And thanks did not know the Vacuum pump setup was that cheap very nice to know.👍🖖

Gregg Rusnak says:

Say about your Comment "you just can't plug it into a 110v outlet" I am sorry to tell you that Confortotal (Spanish For Total Comfort) 12000 btu Plugs into any 110v outlet. The Head Unit powers the Outside Condenser, No need for HVAC guys or any Electricians. The cord is about 6 foot however you can buy a Longer one at any electrical shop and replace it to reach an outlet or get an extension cord. The Compressor is a Toshiba and has Gold Fins not Blue fins. It is not an inverter so it is either on or off (running or Not). The Seer is on the Low end but not the worst I think a 15. It does its Job Cools and Heats and it is $500

azjeep81 says:

Your tosot links are dead.

Gary Vanderville says:

There’s a lot more to know and do than just buy some pos gauges and kit to install and charge the system. 🤡🤡

Christopher Nojman says:

I just installed a Senville mini split in less than 4 hours after watching your video. Great detail work with the video. I was between a mr cool and senville and went with the latter after looking at the price. 600 dollar difference. Keep up the good work

Troyy10 8 says:

Bout to be doing this myself. Building a 16×12 shop from scratch. Finished the subfloor today and starting framing my walls tomorrow. I've been a project manager for the last couple years so it's not exactly fresh on my mind. Pretty sure it'll all come back to me as I go. My wife is telling me just to do a window unit but like you said, the mini split is so much better and quiet and with a line set cover, it looks pretty too. I'll check out your other videos so it'll be fresh on my mind when I tackle that. Thanks for posting this brother I appreciate it

Joel Bunton says:

I put in two pioneer units in last year and just noticed yesterday that one wasn't blowing air like it should so I shined a light and it was totally clogged with dust and mildew. I never thought to look at the blower drum because i wash the filters pretty regular, but keep an eye on that. After cleaning it, it made a huge difference.

raymond johnson says:

Does the mini split run constantly or does it suppost to shut off

Bob says:

AC disconnect is a half truth.
Per NEC you must have disconnecting means within sight and readily accessible. So you can use a breaker, switch or even a cord and plug exception (2)
As per NEC 440.14
Exception 1. NEC 430.102 (A) in accordance to NEC 110.25
Exception 2. NEC 440.13.

Per 2020 NEC the AC power source needs to be GFCI protected as well (Texas has exempted this requirement as of this writing and is still ongoing until State adoption) like all code within NEC local authority has FINAL SAY. CHECK YOUR LOCAL CODE.

D Monty says:

Alexa, set my temperature to 70 deg. & I'll have ham, eggs over medium & coffee.

Ernie G. says:

Is 220 vs 120 better or more efficient ???

Rayon Whittaker says:

@4:09 I use the Cielo Breez Plus

Rayon Whittaker says:

Now you have to wear knee pads instead of a helmet lol.
If I caught you earlier, I'd have asked you to try out a solar/hybrid mini split – videos on my channel.

in2food says:

We have a sunroom that is very difficult to heat and cool. We tried numerous solutions and none really worked. Finally had a mini split installed and it works great.

Dr_Grays_Ghost says:

How you were pushing the mower.. I do the same.. cuz we are tall.. 💡might have an idea here

Dwayne French says:

Autozone does a loan a tool on a/c vacuum and gauges. no out of pocket cost when returned after use.

Clint Hightower says:

Good job Neil, thanks for posting. I might do this job on some of my rental properties.

Bruce Heimbigner says:

Great video, good cost comparison with Mr Cool however lacked a couple things, if you're going to do the refrigerant yourself. The tools are not very effective in the price range that you gave. reading reviews there's quite a few people have problems with them but it's a DUI so you save a lot of money. No way could I have somebody come here and install the refrigerant it would cost almost as much as the unit. "you need to either be 608 or 609 Environmental Protection Agency certified in order to purchase" since 2018, but I found it on ebay where it asked about certification but seemed to let me put it in the cart, I didn't buy. You did leave out the cost of freon which is significant $340 bucks for 11 lb I'm just guessing that's about how much I would need. But once you have the refrigerant and the tools you can do repairs yourself which is pretty cool. Also do not use a crescent wrench to tighten your copper lines that's poor choice, spend a few bucks and get a proper torque wrench for refrigerant lines.

Jesus Perales says:

you can totally connect mini splits to a 110 outlet, I'm surprised high priced units don't have a prewired plug or at least the wiring coming straight out from the back of the inside unit.


You put the wrong breaker size, breaker should be sized to the unit not the wire size.

Leticia Davila says:

I had a 3-unit mini-split installed by a handyman. When I turn them all on, the electrical circuit jumps to off. Any suggestions?

Rod Greene says:

Watch this in case you want to showcase a terrible installation on your own home.

Alex says:

That’s definitely a homeowner install lol that is pretty hideous

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