Modern High Speed CNC Lathe Machine Working, CNC Milling Machine Metal

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Naser Miveroud says:

Does anyone knows some tutorials about types of CNC works? To learn what is possible what is not, which process is cheaper and which one more expensive etc.
Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
I'm an electrical engineer and sometimes I have some mechanical structures that I design by help of a mechanical engineer. The problem is that sometimes I design some mechanical structures that would have perfect electrical performance but when it comes to manufacturing it is too hard or impossible or too expensive for CNC to make it. Having some basic knowledge of CNC processing and limitations would help me a lot during the design phase.

William Huang says:

Hanzhen harmonic gear , strain wave reducer, robot gear , over 30 years experience

Mian Azeem says:


Haseeb Qureshi R says:

Amazing work

Larry Clark says:

USA has the best machine operators in the world.

Jiwan Gurung says:

Difference between rollomatic cnc and cnc lathe!! I have 4 yrs experiance of running rollomatic np5 machine! Can i be able to run other kind of cnc machinea as automobile cnc or furniture cnc!! What are the differences!!

Chong kah Tan says:


Wayne Ballets says:

Do you have different-differnt kind of CNC machine ?

Houcine th says:

I want this machine

RowdyRager - says:

I started with 0 experience in cnc lathe work. No education.

Not 3 years in I'm still employed and make an ok wage as I am still learning. Once I can tackle any job without asking for clarification on prints and not scrapping as much I will make more.

I edit basic programs to fit jobs on the lathe and run them.

Ciksu Murni says:

hi…can you make a video to cut flat panel of GLARE into rectangular specimen?

Game zone pk says:

Like subscribe and watch full video of history

Daobin Xie says:

Awsome cnc machining videos.

Ben Lubbers says:

What's the material at 2:26 onwards? The finish looks amazing but the machining sounds so strange compared to most alu and stainless alloys I worked with. Combined with the sparks? I don't know what happened and I'd like to learn.

NAi The Guardian says:

pls am student i your code ?

PinkFloydrulez says:

incredible machines

उमेश 'बिरोधी' says:

Before i work this machine .where are running this machine

Naeem Khokhar says:

Rate and how we purchse it

MacCekko says:

Computers at work, removing metal. Simply mesmerizing.

Mémo Alg says:

Wow Wow Wow ..,, 👍 😍 🇩🇿 🇩🇿

palash submercible says:

What is the prize is thise mashine

Mechanism Next says:

Hello sir… I am Suresh
Can I use this video for my Youtube channel for training purpose. I will continue to give you add revenue

Tushar Phadatare says:

What is machine name & which company

YING JUN says:

Hi, this is Junying Machining Manufacturing. Junying offers the following CNC Machining services for our customers: ● Prototype Machining & custom machined parts ● Plastic 3D Printing & Metal 3D Printing ● Precision CNC Machining & Tooling & mold make Services ● Sheet Metal Prototyping & Sheet Metal Fabrication Service Check our link and contact in BIO. If interested, please feel free to contact us. We will offer a quotation as soon as possible. It would be my great pleasure to cooperate with you.

ismail engineering works says:
To watch lathe machine oprations

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