More sheet metal fabrication and welding – 1942 Cadillac Fleetwood / ep126

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I’ve watched Ash for a number of years and the skills that I find more fascinating than most is his sheet metal fabrication and welding. His understanding of angles, expansion, contraction and just how the metal is going to behave before, during and after fabrication and welding is impressive to say the least.

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Paul Muff says:

Hi, what SWG steel are you using? Cheers

Timeless says:

You Have Great Control of Your Shears!!…..Mine Does Not Cut like that!!…..What Size Wire Do You Use, and What Kind??…..What Grit Do You Grid With??…….Thanks!!!

cybersheep says:

Great video. New subscriber here, tinker with cars as a hobby, and currently learning to weld – really glad I found your channel!

Struan says:

Great video 👍

Struan says:

Great video nice bike👍


Good we bit of "man flesh" showing on camera, might get censored for showing "flap-age" lol

Jeffrey Fox says:

Another great video, I am restoring a 49 Harley WL myself. There's alot to learn

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