Mowing My Lawn with a LASER!!!

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My previous DIY Lawnmower:

Check out the Ecoflow Delta Max here:

StratusLEDs 120W LED Module:

Creality S1 Plus 3D Printer: Use code RCTF3S1P for 15% off.

Anycubic Photon M3 Plus used for the impeller:


SvenEST says:

Interesting idea. Immediately thought of fire safety problems.

Daniel Pauley says:

You know so much. Wow.

Air Soteric Architect says:

dude.. grow a garden.. use your intelligence in mechanics to sustain your food… plus it takes up the space so you wont have to mow your lawn.. win win

Timofei Larkin says:

After running that laser unattended there might well be a blind stray in the neighborhood.

Bambeakz says:

An unusual amount of insects with blind guiding dogs strolling around town after this experiment.

DropHammer77 says:

Great video. For those of us not capable of this incredible Feat a 2gallon garden sprayer filled with gasoline and a handheld propane weed burner will take care of an acre of thick grass and brush… and depending on the wind also your Neighbor's fence and his brush.

A P says:

fire hazard?

Donald Eaton says:

So much effort to be lazy lol.

Parmetheus says:

Huh, never seen something like this before

Najeeb Shah says:

fire hazard, nothing else

Petar Kirilov says:

So this is how aliens make crop circles….

Inspirational Goosebumps says:

Grass burning lazer

Sergios Papas says:

You are crazy!!! Think! Kids, cats, dogs, birds……

Flying Daddy says:

Spider was in an epic space battle and survived.

halalshrimp says:

i need to goto bed, im at the weird part of the internet again

JND HD says:

Finally someone did it ! Yes !

MStrange88 says:

Bump all this. Just get a bag for your lawnmower so you’re not eating it after cutting it

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