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We can’t wait to introduce you the most complete and long-lasting video-tutorial we have ever published. Get our kind invitation you all: professionals, nosey folks, machinery operators, students, gossipers, engineers, managers, teachers … to check the effectiveness of this tutorial that aims at, in less than one hour, teaching all you need to know in order to operate a CNC press brake machine: the basics for folding, types of bending, CNC programming, interpretation of folding charts and all those facts to take into account to accomplish an optimal folding. Check it up!

Hydraulic Press Brake MP3003CNC NARGESA take sheet metalworking to a new level, offering outstanding efficiency and precision. With a chassis of welded, stabilized and machined steel, external design featuring stripped-down lines for a solid appearance, and improved structural calculations, these new hydraulic press brakes set themselves up as the new cornerstone for the sheet metalwork industry.

Fitted with high-specification CNC control, the operation of these complex machines is now easier and more intuitive than ever before. Its colour, high-resolution touchscreen graphics interface and powerful CPU enable the most complicated bending operations to be processed effortlessly and sophisticated algorithms to be calculated in mere microseconds, so you get the highest performance out of these pieces of engineering excellence.
Folding length:​ 3125 mm. Tonnage: 120 Ton.

Prada Nargesa S.L.
Manufacture and sale of industrial machinery
Tel. (+34) 972568085


Basilio Bastardo says:

Only prob of having that machine is availability in our country, hope you can have local dealer and support maintenance in the Philippines.

ChaM Calado says:

Will be on a press brake job next week.
Thanks for this videos!

Blood Tatar says:

Not as good as Trumpf unfortunately.

Amas Godwin says:

Beautiful video

GCgo4walk says:

You need to explain how to get the total length for the flat pattern and one bend-deduction for every bend, Explain why we need a bend relief on corners. I worked 44 years as a mechanical designer and made development drawings for sheet metal and plate steel … I like this video..I never worked on a bender but I know how to made setup on hydraulic press brake .. great video once again

Kacper Targas says:

What is the name of the die used at 29:25, and where can i buy them?

Олег Смирнов says:

сколько стоит ?

Phill Huddleston says:

Awesome machine and great video.

Qasim AL IBADI says:

First class process

MIRULTM Ace says:

The best work ever in the world

Tomáš Hanousek says:

Why this might be better than trumpf?

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