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This was a call for a multiplex system that controls their bar reach ins and their waitress reach in that was completely down.


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griff Hall says:

full column of liquid :]

ryan curtis says:

Lol by the title I thought it was going to be about the multiplex system they have at mcdonalds for their soda equipment

Adam Palmer says:

Super informative and educational video. Thanks for the quality content 👍

throttle bottle says:

who needs to measure winter charge, it will correct itself by blowing the plug 🤣🤣

Russ O says:

Good explanations, I have always used the 1# for every HP of compressor for winter charge. That is in line if you didn't have factory charts. Most guys miss the winter charge when repairing a leak in summer!

Jesus IsLord says:

Hey Chris
This is from a Bohn BCH0055LBACZ-RS-HRP Low Temp Outdoor Condensing Unit, under charging procedures in the manual:

Head Pressure Systems- If you are charging the system by using a clear sight glass as an indication of proper charge the following must be considered. Check the condensing temperature. It must be above 105°F. If not, it will be necessary to reduce the amount of air going through the condenser from fans still running. Simply reduce the effective condenser face area to raise the discharge pressure above the equivalent 105°F condensing temperature and then proceed to charge to clear the sight glass. Adjust evaporator superheat at this time. Return to full condenser face area and allow the system to balance.

1555yodude says:

would it be possible to move the txv to under the coil?

Kenneth Lobo says:

Thanks for giving us such detailed explanation. God Bless.

Steve H says:

I am not even sold on the coatings being worth a damn, ive replaced just as many coated as non coated, but hard to judge perspective on that.

mypindiwala says:

Best explains headmaster valve function on hand.I bet no other video on this topic which explains with that simple and ease.

Pavel Hazdra says:

I work in a completely different field, but I love your videos because of your complex way of thinking. Looking forward for another amazing video!

redtails says:

With these kinds of multi-part systems, I wonder whether it makes sense to actually pump around the refrigerant instead of just pumping around brine or some other liquid solution… In big multi-storey office complexes and especially in hospitals / research hospitals, the coldrooms and aircons are just fed with ice water. I suppose it's a practicality thing, as there could be hundreds of "evaporators" spread across the building, each needing a slightly different heatpumping capacity. Minor leaks in the liquid wouldn't be a big issue, though minor leaks in refrigerant lines add up over-time until the system is empty as the one in this vid

Ashley Mendez says:

Thx this content is gold. I’m a new refrigeration tech.

Ian Rhein says:

Its been 15 years, (or more) R-12 was still in use, R-22 the "newest replacement"…I miss it. Question, when charging the unit wouldn't you want to replace as much of the cover or use a broken down box to block off the top/side to simulate normal op conditions? As this would increase pressures? (You just went where I was about to go regarding over charging as I watching.) I never enjoyed resteraunts, grease covered everything, lol. Salad dressing being uncovered? Good call on not accidentaly vaccuming in particulates! Good stuff! Thank you for sharing!

Numan Mirza says:

Sir what is the compressor rasio kindly explain in simple word's

SwampAss Sapper says:

Would there be a way to re-plumb the evaporator so that power head and other things are below it. Seems like it dripping rusty stuff is what caused it to leak 🤷‍♂️ not a hvac tech excuse my potentially bad idea..

DashCamAndy says:

I'm not surprised that acidic foods corrode coils.
I'm more surprised that salad dressings (and the like) aren't COVERED when stored. I shouldn't be surprised, knowing firsthand how many food service employees are, but still… As a lowly Crew Member myself, I am well-known at work to be the one person flipping out over improperly stored/expired product.

Like the other day, when I found in the sandwich station drawers Croissant Muffins, stored in the bin that two days prior I had tagged and thawed Turkey Sausage patties in, with my label still on it. It took several rewrites before I felt safe posting in Group Chat about the need to not cross-contaminate and to have food properly labeled in clean bins, no exceptions. The first few drafts would probably have gotten me fired for my, um, "assertive hot take" shall we say. We LITERALLY have our patrons' health in our hands, food safety is kinda a Big Deal.

And I spoke to my Assistant Manager on Thursday, she's going to try and pull some strings so that we can order cleaning supplies, despite being $5,000 over our budget and having nothing to show of it. At least there's two of us that give a damn!

Steve Blake says:

990 thumbs up

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