Must-Have Hand Tools for a Remodeler’s Kit

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Patrick McCombe shows off the hand tools he keeps at the ready when tackling a remodeling or home repair project.

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tallswede80 says:


You mentioned that you used to use a Bucket Boss. I was just wondering if you used the bucket boss that fits over a 5 gallon bucket, or if you used one of the bucket boss tool bags?

Scuba Steve #2 says:

I like to keep a shark bite 1/2" cap in every single bag I use regardless of what the bags for. I call it my contingency plan lol

Scuba Steve #2 says:

I sat on and ancient tube of graphite I had in my back pocket… Plastic disintegrated, what a mess lol

Justin Hill says:

You need Midwest aviation snips. Best ones.

Bill R says:

Where are the bandaids or superglue (dermabond)?


The tools are cool the amazing part is that they fit in that great packout bag.

TheRubytuesday123 says:

Really good, Patrick. Love this look at your mobile tool setup. Would like to see the same video but of your workshop.
Love the podcast!

MrBt1977 says:

pretty good. I have a similar setup plus or minus. Some extra things I carry that come in handy: A set of allen wrenches, couple of markers, plumbers tape, old paintbrush, small extension magnet, small mirror, and a toothbrush

beachton123 says:

I have all those same tools in different places around my shed except that adorable combination square and the staple remover. I probably can’t afford that square, but that staple remover seems doable. I need to get me one of those right away. Last week I yanked a lot of the insulation out from under my bathroom to get at look at the termite tunnels. I might as well pull out the staples while I think about what to do about the situation under there. I thought about you when those termites were raining down on my hat. You would not have liked it.

Rich Wachtel says:

You could also eliminate the shingle cutter by carrying a hook blade as a spare in your regular utility knife.

Will says:

what the heck does that bag weigh when full?!

Paul W says:

Nice video – lots of overlap with mine. I add hex wrench set, sanding bock, small pry bar, glue,

imaginary i says:

wow amazing…I have all these tools but in 3 different bags…

Kevin says:

The auto wire strippers (Irwin) are so much better than those crappy notched ones.

Rich Wachtel says:

Good video. One thing I would add is a contactless voltage tester.

dznnf7 says:

Amazing how much overlap between your tools and the ones I've used for years. I have virtually the same things in a similar bag. A pencil compass and a couple very small prybars and screwdrivers are the only things "missing". I don't have the flexible tape measure or a self-retracting chalk line though!

charles viner says:

Thanks for the video

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