MUST HAVE Tools for New Plumbers

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Must have tools for new plumbers! I get a lot of new plumbers asking me what tools they need for day 1 on their new plumbing job. Well in this video I’m going to show you some new tools that all plumbers need, check it out!

My Tools List:
► ChannelLock Set —
► Stanley Tape Measure —
► Stick Measure —
► Stanley Level —
► Milwaukee 11-in-1 Screw Driver —
►Stanley Hammer —
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Thanks for watching! I’m Roger Wakefield, LEED AP, The Expert Plumber and welcome to my channel. On this channel I teach homeowners how to save money on their plumbing by doing DIY plumbing projects. I also teach plumbers and plumbing company owners how to be the best plumbers in their area and run successful plumbing businesses. My goal is teach you everything you need to know about plumbing.

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douglas mccaughey says:

In electrical I was always told tape measure linesman pliers and screw driver always have those three on you in your belt

MrEZballs says:

New plumber's apprentice here. The plumber i usually work with gave me a list of things to get me up to speed:
2 channellocks (big and small)
2 crescent wrenches (big and small)
16 piece screwdriver set (allen and star heads are crucial)
Speed square
A few sharpies
Carpenter pencil
25ft tape
Copper pipe cutter (basically a C clamp with a cutting surface on it)
PEX snipper (cheap husky one has served me fine)
Construction shears (great for cutting insulation segments)
Decent folding knife
Safety glasses (yes they're dorky but I would have been blinded without them) WEAR THEM when using sawzall or grinder every time
Small toolbag to carry it all
Total cost was about $120 and it made life much easier

Hope this was helpful!

Daniel Ronje says:


Beats by Bleak Hosannah says:

are you sure Bachata Beginner Basic Steps Tutorial – Demetrio & Nicole – Bachata Dance Academy is supposed to be at the top of the must have plumbing tools playlist? lmao. great plumbing videos though! just trying to help here

peteblueline says:

It's great for plumbers all common sense, but your the 1st "plumber" that calls channelocks 10" or 12" instead of 402 or 404 channelocks etc

In Jesus name Rom. 1:16 says:

Thanks Roger.

Rudolfo Ramirez says:

Very informative video thank you sir

macD723 says:

hey Roger, back in the day, there used to be a torpedo level called a red line level. It was made for plumbing. It had a raised plastic piece on both sides, one side set for a 1/8 fall, and one side set for a 1/4 fall. Do you know of these? I haven't been able to find one in years. It was very handy.

Ryan Kolbe says:

Line level and string. Don't cost nothing and you don't have to bullshit a run with a tape measure

Theodore Harless says:

Please say "brother"

John Don13 says:

I think the knipex channel locks are the best, I use them everyday they never slip and you get great leverage. The Milwaukee fastback razor, the rigid stop wrench, 1/2 and 3/4 crimpers, light, sawzall, impact


I would say go ahead and 1-in cold chisel and small Sledge or ball peen, plumb bob set Allen wrenches off the top of my head and then it's going to be new work or service but those are must-haves

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