My Massive New CNC Machine!

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Thanks to Avid for the awesome machine:

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Biscuit jointer:
Orbital sander:
Impact driver:
Mitre saw:

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Pillar Productions says:

I mean $2500 isn’t bad for the pricing tbh still looking to get a used industrial grade cnc machine with rotating axis for between 20k-30m but i still need something simple like this a

Chiranth Yareseeme says:

Hi! Thanks for the video. i wanted to know how you apply grease into the lm bearings, specifically how you connect the grease gun to the grease nipple, coz' when i tried i pulled out the grease nipple stripping out the plastic threads . looks like you decided to skip out this part in the video.

Karl Miller says:

The couch; a great place to sit to catch chips to the head

Master-G Big says:

Dude, that thing is totally bad ass.". I want one?"

Master-G Big says:

Either go big, or go home! You went big my man, So, you are the MAN! I just want to know; "How much does cost?"

95lovi says:

To getter ?

Kaylee Amelia says:


Sabdo Hutomo says:

it is too much talking

The Real Sourc3 says:

just a fyi; the wine bottles are supposed to lay with the cork down, so that they don't become dry and let air into the bottle 😉

otherwise cool project

van sau Le says:

hi. how much for this machine?

Nate D says:

I wonder how much that unit cost?

Eric Robb says:

Yeah. A perfect spot to sit and chill on the couch beside the noisy CNC Machine. Love it 🙂

Guds777 says:

I think the scariest thing about those types of projects are the bill…

Juan Simonet says:

Any AVID CNC dealers in Europe?

Dumbtex says:

dope vid btw there's plastic nails for nail guns so you don't have to worry about breaking your bits

Jon Jon says:

Hiteco is way overpriced for what it can do.

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