My Top 10 MUST HAVE Woodworking Hand Tools For Beginners 🛠 Gift Guide

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Here’s a list of the 10 woodworking hand tools I’d recommend for beginners! These tools would also make great gifts for any of the woodworkers in your life. // Purchase a Sjobergs Elite 2000 workbench, now through Dec. 31, and get a FREE SM04 Cabinet and Accessory Kit ($1000 value):

This set of 10 woodworking hand tools, including hand planes, chisels, hand saws, rasps, and more, should enable you to take on more complex joinery, produce more refined furniture, and will still be useful even if you upgrade to larger stationary power tools later on. My list below includes more budget-friendly options,as well as the more expensive versions I own.

🛠 Tools Mentioned (affiliate):

Pull Saw :
Pull Saw w/ Spine :
Flush Trim Saw :
Bench Chisels :
Mallet :
HNT Gordon (Block Plane, Smoothing Plane, Spokeshave) :
Block Plane (less expensive) :
Low Angle Jack Plane (less expensive) :
Card Scraper :
Cabinet Scraper :
Marking Knife :
Marking Gauge :
Katz-Moses Dovetail Jig :
Spokeshave :
Rasps :
Coping Saw (less expensive) :
Fret Saw :





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robin alexander says:

I think most people under estimate sharpening. When you go to sharpen your tool it is not a chore. Its a time to think and contemplate your project. Quite time. Try this, enter your work shop and hone all the blades you think you will use for your days jobs. So you straight away say 7,8, 9 etc no just the tools you need on the day. one or two chisels a hand plane hone, you see ! sharpening is a time to think about your project, relax and calm down.

fabio linares says:

Awesome video. Is there a way the jig can be made without a drill press?

Perla Estrada says:

For beginners this is like you speaking in another language…I didn’t understand anything of what you where saying … the only thing I picked up was names but not what they are for like visually what they are for.

Go To For Woodworkers says:

Good job, i like your choices.

Gudmonkey says:

Video on how to use each of these tools would put you above all the other craft youtubers

Stefan Fyhn says:

"Jack" means smaller than the jointer plane, not "jack of all trades".

In this context, a "jack of all trades" means it performs not particularly well in all trades.

Not to say its not versatile, because it is. Being a jack of all trades is almost an insult to this very versatile plane that can outshine even specialized planes 😛

peryph says:

I just realised that you actually 7 two times haha

Javier Borda says:

Very good thank you

Linus Stråhlman says:

S-jöbergs. The S is not silent 😀

QuidEst Nunc says:

And the Repetitive metronome-like Intrusive Distracting Repetitive Intrusive Distracting Pseudo-music is Necessary because…? Ashamed of your voice ? Doubt that. Therefore, why use Any background music ? Flow ? No. Please yank that file from the audio portion of the video…regardless of what You Tube "experts" say. Please. [None of us wants to become Autistic !]

Stephen Goninon says:

The hundreds of short jump edits every 3 seconds made your video difficult to watch in my opinion.

Jeremy says:

I wish you showed videos of using each of the tools within this video. It would help new wooworkers

Waldo says:

A try square is my no.1 no questions asked. It's such a useful and cheap tool that most beginners would never think of (and many beginners don't even know the exist)

Everything from assembly to aligning diy cutting guides for ripping sheet material with a circular saw. It's the one thing that never leaves my apron (okay, not the only thing, I always have a miniscule ruler, a pencil or three, a number 2 robertson bit, and assorted drill bits and screws)

Charlie Lui says:

Thank you for the great intro! If I have get a set of electric tools, which of these hand tools are good compliments to the existing set?

RonkeStation says:

What is the brand of those blue clamps? I want those!

Etienne Erasmus says:

i could never figure out pull saws.. those things suck when you can have sharp western saws in my opinion…

Eugene Callahan says:

Wow! You managed to put about 300 jump cuts in a 13 minute video! I feel like I did an ounce of coke.

Gregor Black says:

What’s a bench chisel ?

deltoid4 says:

Great informative video. Would love a terminology video. For beginners. "dove tail, Chamfer etc". Liked and subbed

Grucha says:

what about hammer?

Fabian Van Der Elst says:

Fun fact, I work in my bedroom with only chisels :p ( I've used some tools here and there from my dad before, but not often).
Then again, I haven't really made anything yet. I'm trying to make a guitar scale model to see how I can go about working with wood, and how I want my guitar to look. And it has been super, super helpful already to see how the grain reacts with all those curves :p

A E says:

So I'm looking to get into some woodworking and carpentry for DIY around my new house, and I'm putting together a list of tools to buy. I'm trying to stay a bit more simple at first to see how much I enjoy doing it before I get some of the more specialized tools, and I'm at the point where I'm looking at planers. The thing is, aside from very small planers or ones that seem to be of lower-quality, the manual planers I'm finding strike me as somewhat exorbitantly priced, to the tune of $100+ and for that much money I could get a professional brand power planer for only a bit more. When I look at what I consider to be more reasonably-priced manual planers on Amazon, even the 4+ star reviews basically say "it's good for the price, don't expect much" and I'm wondering why I shouldn't just buy a powered hand planer?

Cillin says:

T-Square to cut straight lines and 90 degree angles

Noel Elenes says:

Im 25. Do you think it’s too late to start woodworking? I never had the class in high school but it always fascinated me. Just looking for some advice.


I was surprised that this video is 13min long but lacks demonstrations, I mean the title says for beginner how are we supposed to figure that out just by looking at the tools. Mind some demonstrations for the future mostly on beginners videos.

Scott Coleman says:

Very cool video, great info and production-well done!

Arthur Ritsma says:

A very remarkeble package for starters. if one has purchased the specific workbench (good commercial), I think there is little money left to purchase the remaining tools.

Alex says:

Joburgs hahaha

Philipp Boetcher says:

How do you manage to have basically the 5 star version of everything? Its like a woodworking store showroom more then anything else…..I think one of those gordon tools would basically cover the cost of all the hand tools I have…..crazy….

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