New Electrical Tools of 2022!! – NECA 2021 Highlights

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In this episode we talk Schneider, Klein, Greenlee, and DeWalt at NECA.

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quick name says:

those cargo jeans are fye where'd u get them

Bigmo Rivera says:

Very Cool 👍🏽⚡️Thanks For Sharing

chris bruni says:

That show stopper is insanely load of the power management ….just go enphase with the controller …shits quiet switches in a blink of an eye and controls gen battery solar and power

Julio Valencia says:

Puller you mean tugger

Nicholas Kukushin says:

The hat is really cool. Could you please give me a link to this?

Josh Cowart says:

The tray cutter looks exactly like a pex expansion tool for plumbing. I wonder if it’s the same and you can change out the heads

Kurtis Evans Johnson says:

my future father in law works for schneider electric in SA

Adam L says:

I didn't realize that you're so tiny.

Chris says:

So this may be a stupid question, I'm about to tackle a wall in my house and need to reinstall two boxes for outlets and a switch. It's a lath and plaster wall , I'm going to have to add some studs to strengthen the drywall. What's the difference between nailing a box to a wall and screwing? I've only ever seen people nail them. Is screwing such a big deal?

Bob D. says:

The hardhat fan is cool. Is that the battery mounted on the front of the hardhat or a light. If it's the fan battery it would be neat if they included a headlamp in it since it seems like it would be tough to wear both as individual units.

jimmy stewart says:

so they come up with nothing …… a tray cutter that a grinder can do quicker …. really

Joeyy Sossa says:

Hi how are you…my question is¿¿ is it against the law for my neighbor to use my nutral wire and does that effect my electric bill?? i noticed that from the drop I have 220v service…n plus i dont see the nutral wire connected to the center plate terminal where it should be connected to on my electric meter.

Farmer Dave says:

I can't think of anything more dangerous for an electrician to wear than a carbon fiber hard hat. Ranks right up there with aluminum ladders.

Lucas Gresham says:

Have been watching your channel recently found it. I did the 2 year electrical program at my community college. Graduated in 2018. Got hired a less than a week out of school been with the company ever since. About 2 months ago I was promoted and was handed the keys to my own work truck. And have been doing a mix of residential/commercial/industrial service calls.

Turd Ferguson says:

Dewalt is trash, Milwaukee is where it’s at

Fak theRabbit says:

i just want a 12v bandsaw from dewalt lol

Slade Profka says:

Puller isn’t new

Tommy Mack says:

Nice haircut

Ann Quach says:

That hydraulic tool system could be it's own thing

Patrick Poe says:

12:40 You just flip the fan on, and it blows HOT air down your neck!

Citadel covered already says:

Start going to the gym 🐺

Timothy di zazzo says:

Schneider really is on another level

David H says:

I’m impressed how dewalt is advancing .


Are you an IBEW Union Electrician?

Mario Reyes says:

Hey partner, when are you gonna shave that head 😅

Thompson from FINLAND says:

Klein hardhat with fans but why the fuck its black🤣

Thompson from FINLAND says:

So that dewalt "tracking" system is 100% from milwaukees tick 🤣

𝓥𝓵𝓪𝓭 says:

All that fancy technology and innovation and yet nobody can make a 14-6 awg wire strippers 🙃
That’s like the most common wires in a residential environment.

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