New Hand tools & Accessories at Lowe's Home Improvement!

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We shop New Hand tools & tool Accessories from wiha, DeWALT, Metabo HPT, and flex at Lowe’s Home Improvement!

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Diego Velazquez says:

Do you think flex is a good impact driver ? I'm thinking about buying one 🙂

Michael Leftwich says:

Pliers are pliers sir. All you're doing is buying the name. They are all made the same. Different countries, but still made the same way.


Hot estuvo muyyyy bueno el paseíto por allá

Joseph Klimchock says:

Saw some Ridgid Octane 3.0 AH battery pack of 2 at the Depot, on clearance for 85 bucks a pack of 2. Obviously older batterys but brand new in the package, and are they worth buying as people said the Octane 3.0 was best battery pack ever built for the Rigid line???

Joseph Klimchock says:

Wait , Wiha made in the USA? That does ruin it for me as the German made is way better in my opinion, but also USA better that chima

Joseph Klimchock says:

Wiha are excellent quality as are Knipex…

chris l says:

kobalt not showing off 80 volt line as much.

Jeremiah Mckenna says:

Wait a minute @vcgconstruction . At 10:04, you said that since the Flex drill bits are 1/4 inch hex on the drive end of the shaft that they are "Impact Capable." That is not necessarily true when it comes to accessories. There MUST be a designation sign/marking on the package or tool that states that the tool/accessory/bit is "Impact Rated". Many manufacturers put the hex drive on the end so that the accessory fits in the chuck and the drill can then get a better bite or more secure fit into the drill chuck, especially on larger diameter and longer drill bits, as they tend to have a lot more resistance and have been known to slip inside the chucks, even when locked down extremely tight. But this does Not however, make the tool impact rated. For an example, look at the 12 inch auger or paddle bits. There are a lot of companies putting the 1/4 in hex on the drive end, but they are not impact rated. Some are even in 3/8 or 1/2 in hex.

flavius tibu says:

Hi from Romania
I like watching these videos and i see so much potential for quality work because you have litterally anything you need to do a good job, and the prices are soo good comparing to Romania.
For example milwaukee fpd2 in uk is probably 130 usd, and in romania is more like 250 usd, in USA its probably even under 100 bucks on deals, but especially the deals prices are out of this world good in USA.
I buy used power tools that they sell on auction across europe and they bring them here.

Jacob Breitfeller says:

I wonder what the cost is on the ceiling fans

Ryan Heerdt says:

Literally thought you were gonna say go suck them off. ALL JOKES ASIDE.. I just recently changed my career path from a mechanic to construction, such as installing doors,windows,roofs, floors, siding 3ct ect ect ect. NOW I just bought DeWalt an atomic series drill, impact driver, multi tool, and oscillating tool aka sawzawl? Lol and a led right. Now I grew up all around DeWalt but why do I feel like I should have bought Milwaukee power tools..? I really want them either super compact 12v brushless series or 18v. Can someone help me please? And what do you suggest.

Hector Lopez says:

Hey buddy I saw you at my Lowe's store I didn't know you live here loved the video u give us on the deals on the tools keep up the good video

Juan Lugo says:

To change the bits on the tool

Marcus Allen says:

Can you review the Milwaukee pants

George Ferlazzo says:

Hello again Vince and Vcg
Thank you for another Great Video 👍

Joseph Rottina says:

You’re the man brother.👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Big Gig says:

Vince thanks for the video…love the latest additions to Flex power tools. Any info on Flex's Stack Pack storage system? It's not on Lowe's site or Flex's site anymore. Thanks!

Beneke Outdoors says:

Milliwauki and Stihl make the small hedge trimmer

ecoRfan says:

Regarding DeWalt XTREME 12V line I’m glad to be seeing them expand it. I like how both DeWalt and Craftsman chargers are dual-voltage 12/20V, even though Craftsman doesn’t have any 12V tools. Hopefully some of the outgoing XTREME tools can “trickle down” to the Craftsman brand. The chargers are already able to charge 12V batteries. 12V would fit well with Craftsman’s homeowner and residential target demographic.

I 100% agree that Lowe’s signage with temp “buy one get one” displays should have pictures. Seeing is believing; a picture is worth a thousand words.

33:17 – I have that tool. Ryobi, Hart, Worx, and others have the same thing with the grass and shrubbery combo. It’s a great tool that’s made working in the garden much more productive.

John Morgan says:

Milwaukee has a great 8” hedge trimmer. 12v it’s awesome 👍

DMc McWilliams says:

I love the made in the USA
But most of the time these company overcharge way to much.
They take advantage of the citizens of this great nation.

Rich B. says:

That tip is for loosening and tightening the set screws that hold the drill bit in. Since it's on the end of the tool you never have to go looking for it when you need to change the drill bit…


Milwaukee has m12 bush trimmer, and ryobi has a new model bush/ grass sheers model with rolling long handle attachment kit.

Tin Man says:

Is it kinda weird to make flexible impact driver bits so they can survive the impacts? In all seriousness I gotta be honest… it's like buying a bigger hammer made of rubber so you won't bend the nails.

Seth Zimmerman says:

Duluth for the win!!

Kai Haapasaari says:

And makita impact xps is 36,35$ and i keep that to be cheap from home depo… in Finland that thing costs 75€

Alex Gessner says:

6:48 love the Wiha bit holder! Nice retaining lock for the bits and quick lock/eject mechanisms 👌🏻

Dave Coleman says:

I’ve shattered the tips of a lot of Dewalt bits, but I’ve never tried the ones with the black coating.

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