New hand Tools, Inventions that actually WORK, power tools, and Equipment you have to see to believe

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Amazing new Tools & inventions that are revolutionizing the tool world. Some have never been seen before including new hand tools & power tools that just came out in 2019 & 2020. Its the best of the best tools I could find for home renovation, construction and more. Check out to support the people that help make this video possible.

Crescent wrench pass through socket set:

Milwaukeetool packout:

Striker trilight:
Bosch impact set:
3m work tunes:

Makita Chainsaw:
Dewalt mitre saw:
Heres the best prices on Some of my favorite Amazon tools:

Dewalt concrete saw:

Fiskars axe:
Gear wrench Speaker:

Makita Power shaft Multitool: strap:

Milwaukee tools heated coat:

10% off Kujo shoes here:

Diablo Metal cutting blade:

ISO tunes

Milwaukee tools Air Compressor

Winter equipment-Best cutting edge ever:

Igloo trailmate:

Ego snow blower:

Crescent wrench pass through socket set:

Milwaukeetool packout:

Striker trilight:
Bosch impact set:
3m work tunes:

Makita Chainsaw:
Dewalt mitre saw:

Warning- If you buy from one of these links I may make a small commission. Just a heads up

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Neil Law says:

Lol, that first demonstration was comical

Marfoir0303 says:

That adjustable wide jaw Crescent wrench is like having an adjustable Bonney Pump wrench which would be fantastic in aviation; namely hydraulic systems

mike says:

In the opening, I've never had even a worn out bit take that long to drill 1 hole.

Paul Siewert says:

It was nice of Festool to demo their $129,000 portable workstation for the average joe.

Devin Laskey says:

The first clip they’re using different types of drills and different size batteries which makes a big difference

Joe Gutierrez says:

I used to go to the tool shows here in Chicago but they haven't had one in years. I truly enjoyed seeing what is out there. Thanks for taking us with it was awesome 👌

Jeffry P says:

What tool convention was this?

smokinapancake1234 says:

Push on the drill

EthosAtheos says:

YKK zippers are the good chinese made zipper. I will go so far as to say they might be the only good zipper still available. One of the few made in china products that is awesome.

Exspert games says:

Please as a licensed electrician plug in ur smoke detector it's called a life safety device for a reason

Mario Rey Uy says:

M not sure if those patented items will be safe from China once you bring them here in. Let's say Indonesia, Thailand , Philippines n other Asian countries?

Batang Bilyaran says:

Unfair test

Karl Jay says:

Bought the Senco screw gun and wasn't very impressed with it. It demo'd nice, but wasn't consistent in screw head depth level and number of other things. Good concept, but didn't work too smooth in real life.

Ismael Torres says:

Dude u are so annoying

tyler towler says:

Festool should make that mobile workstation into a sanding slab as well so you can hook up a vacuum to the table and suck the sawdust down through the table

rudeboz says:

is this guy related to gas monkey richard rawlings ?

Kentucky Beardsman says:

Crescent has stepped it up. I've went to alot of their hand tools this year 2021 and now 2022

שגיא ליפשיץ says:

As usual…enjoying the channel. I have to say-you and the people who sell those products and tools they very nice and they have plenty of patience to explain -i learn a lot. And I get new ideas for me fixing my house .

Stars and Stripes 406 Painting, LLC says:

Some of these tools are retarded.

Deric Kolvenbach says:

Just found your channel and this series. I love it so far. Some pretty awesome things I haven't seen and would love to add to my tool bag. Would make things easier 150 ft up on a cell tower.

anonymous V says:

Never used selffeeding drill bits if you want a clean hole… and do not use spade bits they suck. Use forstners instead

Yes, But why says:

Love the first test, especially how you used a competitor that was still using the non-self drilling drill tip from the 60s, because that is a true comparison lol

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