New Milwaukee Plumbing And HVAC Tools For 2019!

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New Milwaukee Plumbing And HVAC Tools For 2019 is what we are showing the #verycoolgang today. These new Milwaukee M12 tools will help you speed up work and be more consistent on a daily basis. We show the M12 copper tubing cutter as well as the M12 PVC shears in action. Let us know your thoughts on these new Milwaukee plumbing and hvac tools for 2019 in the comments section below!


Cornelius Agrippa says:

Cop out answer, it makes more sense for the consumer and Milwaukee to only make the hybrid chargers.

Stephen Burns says:

My home place philly

Matt Beyer says:

Does anybody know how well the copper cutters work on copper that isn't perfectly round? I do HVAC and many times especially tearing out old units you have to cut ovaled copper. Can't seem to find a video on anything but new perfectly round copper.

Alguien DBser says:

how to run 1/4 inch copper pipe???????????????

Wesley Booth says:

I was reluctant to buy these for like 6 years. I finally bought them for a re pipe and I absolutely love them!!

Ian Welch says:

Different in the uk

Doug Guinn says:

Just plain lazy come on

Jihan sikdar says:

Thanks for the video I got to see Hafiz

justanothersucker says:

plastic pipecutter is overkill… i think… 🤗… i just love the pipecuter but a pain in the a** on 15 mm and down.. max 28..

brad mironik says:

I just don't see the necessity of these 2 tools.

CJ says:

We all STOP buying then change WILL come the have us addicted with there marketing magic…..I’m reverting back to green woodworking it’s where we will be soon anyway 1000year reign of peace !!!

CJ says:

Corporate blah blah we like to bend you over blah blah blah !!!! Time to throw some stuff in the Boston harbor

Suvijak Engr says:

The Makita step up to 40V to increase the power output. Have Milwaukee have a plan to step away?

Олег Дзина says:

О чём базарят эти бородатые ????

Dodge 78 says:

The PEX cutter seems useless. I can do it quicker with my manual cutter and they fit in my back pocket. Try putting that thing in your pocket.

Antonio Claudio Michael says:

Nice new tools vince

Michael Saffold says:

I like the m12 platform but I use the 18v ryobi tools for my bigger tools.

Wild Goose says:

I missed Octoolberfest this year, so I am living vicariously through you! Lol thanks Vince.

Gtownhvac says:

Great channel…. 🙌 I love Milwaukee

matt carrio says:

These arent new tools tho

Richard Burns says:

That’s the same was I was circumcised in the 70s. 👌🏿

Joar Flesjå says:

I dont want a 18v in my 12v when i start geting 12v. I think i got 5 18v whit 12v 😅

BZ1340 says:

And great discussion on the charger Kudos, Vince. It should be a rapid charger to boot.

BZ1340 says:

Will that pipe cutter cut ABS plumbing pipe

Steve Latraverse says:

Cop pipe cutter is not new …. i cut my pipe faster with a hand cutter,espacialy L and K copper type.
The pvc sheer with time it start cutting in angle

Victor Dyak says:

How is it new I've used these for past 5 years now 😡

MrJibberoo says:

Well those has been around a few years now

Mark Bowman says:

Why not explain the propress which is a newer tool for Milwaukee?

J Reeves Outdoors says:

Where can I get that copper cutter??

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