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Milwaukee plumbing tools are some of the industry’s finest, and they’re adding two more to the mix. Starting with the M18 Drum Machine, we find it’s compatible with both ⅜” and ½” cables. Milwaukee claims it clears up to 100’ with the 3/8” cable and up to 75’ with ½” cable. Ideal for clogs in sinks, bathtubs, and floor drains, this cordless drum machine gives you a portable solution that covers a wide variety of jobs without sacrificing the power needed to perform those tasks.

Running on a single M12 battery, the Milwaukee Stick Transfer Pump provides the same—or more—power as a manual pump, and you can more easily transfer water from those difficult-to-access areas. We’re thinking trenches, storm drains, water meter boxes—anywhere you need to clear our water before accessing a pipe or component.

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Rob L. says:

Does the transfer pump reach the bottom of a 55 gallon drum, and can it pump heavy oil?

Rob L. says:

That's a surprisingly good price for that drain clearing kit.

chris l says:

real nass like.

Donnie McCrorie says:

Is that the right price $250? The Ridgid 3/8 115 V is $560…

orijimi says:

Really should have come up with some more logical uses for the drum machine than residential restrooms with outlets.

Harvey Stephens says:

Check out hole pump

Wīllüar YoHoHo says:

Do these have a 120v adapter or build in plug? Otherwise these all all future battery traps…

Jeremy Nguyen says:

Where do you buy the Milwaukee tools at

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