New Plasma Cutter In The Shop!! (Hypertherm Powermax 45XP)

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This is somewhat of an introduction and you’ll see more of this plasma cutter in videos to come. Guess that’s all I have to say, thanks for watching!!

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dax2725 says:

Looking at buying a hypertherm as well and bouncing between the 45xp vs 65 sync… do you regret not going bigger ? Or happy with the 45 ?

John Conway says:

Great video. We definitely have similar taste I have the Ironman 240 as well. Now I’m ready to order a plasma machine I’m considering this one or the Miller 625 extreme . I use A Miller 825 at work . It’s a tough machine that gets used and abused every day and never misses a beat. However I’m leaning towards this one. All reviews on the 45XP are good. Thanks

Alou D says:

What state are you in mate? Looks like you are in the Caribbean. Nice.

david crumrine says:

Yes Miller owns Hobart now and some of the components are inner changeable.

Jacob Greene says:

Could you do a review on that hobart Ironman. I'd like to see how it stacks up against that milller.

B Jen says:

I'm sold !!!!….been looking at that exact one.

Brock Lecomte says:

How has the Forney MP 220 been holding up? I’ve been on the fence about that machine. You’ve been the only one who has any good videos out on it. Keep up the great work excited to see what you get up to with the new plasma.

Dodge Man says:

I love my 45xp as I commented in one of your videos way back when I bought it . I'm not a welder or anything I just play with things . as like you I don't have a great air source untill I get my dream shop . Right now I build up usualy a 60 gallon compressor unplug it plug in the plasma do my few cuts then have to go back to plug in compressor and repeat . Next I'll have to look in to a bigger welder also I only have a Miller 211 at home at work we have a bigger one but I'm also thinking getting a multi purpose machine I'd love to play with some tig one day

Israel Roque says:

Please let me know what plasma machine is it.. name of brand..

pete black says:

I use the same plasma cutter on my cnc mechine. Works flawless with my computer.

Hubert Robinson says:

Nice plasma cutter great video

T3 Welding says:

Fast click the trigger and the air will kick off at torch. That way don’t have to throw away to continue video. It does on my 35 anyway! Great vid bud, always fun with new toys!

Brian Herron says:

Nice plasma cutter, 👍

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